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3Doodler Start Essentials Pen Set

3Doodler Start Essentials Pen Set + Multi-Shape DoodleBlock

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

Printer pens are the next big thing in 2016 and beyond, which is why the kid’s version, the 3Doodler Essential Pen Set, is what a lot of people are talking about this holiday season.

A 3D pen basically melts inserted plastic quickly allowing it to be shaped and drawn into a real design of your own making. It cools rapidly and is safe to the touch, turning your children’s works of art into actual 3D creations. The process is so fast you can draw right in the air, so to speak.

Features of 3Doodler Start Essentials Pen Set + Multi-Shape DoodleBlock

  • Completely child safe design. For children 8 and above.
  • The plastic and the nozzle of the pen are safe to touch even in use
  • Plastic is BPA-Free
  • Materials are food-grade and non-toxic
  • 48 strands in all the colors of the rainbow
  • Easy to use USB Charger
  • The 3D pen is easy to use, and will keep all ages entertained
  • Multi-shape Doodleblock makes creating fast and fun
  • Activity guide helps ensure this product will get a lot of use

What We Like About The 3Doodler Start Essentials Pen Set + Multi-Shape DoodleBlock

Have you ever wished you could pull your own drawing off the page and keep it? That is what the 3Doodler Pen Set is all about and that is why we love it. Making real tangible things from your children’s works of art. The 3D pen is so much fun to use, even adults love trying it out. Draw a house, a smiley face, whatever you want to create – you are only limited by your imagination.

3Doodler Start Essentials Pen Set + Multi-Shape DoodleBlockUnlike our own childhood toys, like toxic plastic you use to make shrinky dinks, this system is made from safe biodegradable (read good for the planet) plastic. It is also non-toxic and food grade, meaning these items are as safe as your retro crayons. It is even BPA-free, so you really don’t have any worries about your children using it.

What Others Are Saying About The 3Doodler Start Essentials Pen Set + Multi-Shape DoodleBlock

It also makes an interesting gift for young artists in your life. The 3Doodler Start Essentials Pen Set helps children take their drawing skills to the next level by bringing it into the real world. Spatial skills will be ever more important as the 2D world declines and the 3D world emerges for future generations.

Everyone loves a toy that is as much fun to play with as it is at helping a child create useful future skills. While some claim the operation is a little complex, most older toddlers will catch on quickly.

The Final Thought

3Doodler Essential Pen Set is fun to play with, safe, and even educational. It is easy to use, and very impressive for a comparatively small cost. This toy can help children get away from mindlessly clicking on games on the tablet and phone, and actually growing their imaginations by bringing their own drawings to life.

It is very kid friendly and innovative, and is right on the cutting edge of the newest technology out there. It is sure to be high on wish lists for the holiday season, but will be one toy that gets continued use for a long time after. Every time you think you have figured out all the things you can create using this 3Doodler, some new inspiration strikes.

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