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Air Swimmers Remote Control Inflatable Flying Shark

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★☆

Air Swimmers Remote Control Inflatable Flying Shark

The Air Swimmers Remote Control Inflatable Flying Shark is one of the coolest remote control gadgets available in the market today that both children and adults will love.

The remote controlled shark is a helium-filled inflatable balloon that can “swim” through the air with unbelievable life-like motion.

The product comes with an infrared remote control which can propel the machine forward and a tail fin control for moving it right or left.

The infrared remote control works at a maximum distance of 40 feet. The material is made out of sturdy nylon which can be inflated and deflated over and over again.

Quick Facts

  • Product dimensions: 57 x 36 x 30 inches; 1.2 pounds
  • Battery Requirement: Four AAA batteries
  • Comes with a helium-filled inflatable shark and an infrared remote control, powered by 4 triple-A batteries.

What We Like About The Flying Shark

One of the best features of the product is its unique and ingenious design. The balloon is especially designed to be filled with helium – a special kind of gas that is lighter than air. With this, you can literally control the shark as it swims through air – a great treat that you can use to surprise your friends and family who come over for a visit.

One other great thing about the Remote Control Inflatable Flying Shark is its portability. It is inflatable, which means you can take it anywhere with you and inflate or deflate it as you wish.

Product users do not have to worry about filling the inflatable with this specific kind of gas because they are easily accessible in stores. They come fairly cheap as well so you do not have to spend too much to be able to inflate and reuse the product. You can go to your local gift shops and have them fill up the inflatable for you or you can easily get yourself a helium canister instead.

The infrared remote control also gives you better maneuvering powers, giving the shark unbelievable life-like movements.

Any Negative Points?

The Air Swimmers Remote Control Inflatable Flying Shark is strictly for indoor use only. This is because just like all the other helium balloons, they can float up in the air, away from your reach. If you do want to take it outdoors, you need to anchor it down which can greatly affect its ability to move and swim through the air. Make sure that there are no fans or air currents running inside the house and that the space is large enough to accommodate the toy’s size.

Although the nylon material used is highly durable, you still need to exercise a certain degree of caution. Keep it away from heat and sharp objects. Just like any other kind of balloon, it can be torn open as well.

The Verdict

Overall, the Air Swimmers Remote Control Inflatable Flying Shark is one of the most unique and one-of-a-kind toy pieces that both children and adults can enjoy. Its unique helium-filled concept is one of the most innovative designs out in the market today and is definitely worth the buy. It will make a great Christmas gift this year.

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