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Barbie Dream Horse & Doll

Barbie Dream Horse & Blonde Doll

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★☆

Barbie has withstood the test of time for over 50 years, delighting little girls everywhere with her constantly changing fashions meant to keep her stylish and chic, to her friends, mansions and recreational vehicles. Girls of any age adore her, while Barbie collectors are always looking for something new to add to their gallery. With Barbie’s new addition, they are not going to be disappointed.

The Barbie Dream Horse & Blonde Doll gallops into the collection carrying Barbie proudly on its back tossing its long flowing blonde mane and tail ready to show off’ or just go for an adventure.

This Barbie DreamHorse set provides your child the opportunity to interact with Barbie’s horse, including feeding it its favorite bunch of carrots, answering questions and parading Barbie around on its bright pink saddle.

Ask the Barbie Dream Horse a question on either the right or left side and this amazing beauty well answer yes or no. If your child strokes the horses chest, it well delight them with a friendly nuzzle.

Features of Barbie DreamHorse & Doll

  • A bunch of carrots for feeding your Barbie Dream Horse
    Grooming Brush for the beautiful mane and tail
  • Barbie Dream Horse turns 360 degrees and walks forwards
  • Has more than 30 realistic reactions to touch and action, which includes neighing and nodding its head.
  • Not recommended for children under age 3 years. Small parts making it a choking hazard
  • 4 AA batteries required and included

A Barbie Lover’s Dream

Barbie Dream Horse & Blonde DollThe Dream Horse combines the technology of today with the classic look of the past to create an exciting addition to the Barbie collection. Barbie is decked out in her removable brown boots, pink riding top with a matching pink helmet, looking striking as ever and she is ready to go for a ride any time.

Barbie Dream Horse is also sporting a hot pink saddle equipped with a clip to hold Barbie on while it awaits the child’s interaction. With Barbie securely fastened onto the saddle, Barbie’s Dream Horse walks forward when touching either flank. Turn the horse clockwise or counterclockwise in one mode, and it well turn 360 degrees.

In another mode, the Barbie’s Dream Horse makes the sound of eating its bunch of carrots and neighs. For even more fun there is an additional mode that allows the Dream Horse to play music and dance to three different songs by simply touching the saddle.

Barbie Fans Tell Us

Grooming the long flowing blonde mane and tail is easy for Barbie with the grooming brush that is included. Your little girl is sure to be proud to put on a show for her friends with her  Dream Horse and will love spending the time grooming and caring for her horse.

Any collector would be proud to add the Barbie Dream Horse & Blonde Doll to their collection of Barbie toys, once again representing the endurance and commitment the company has to improving their products and reaching out to children of all ages and gender.

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