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Barbie Dream House

Barbie Dream House

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★☆

Barbie accessories have really advanced over the years, and this Barbie Dream House is simply amazing!

Any little girl lucky enough to receive one of these gems will become immediately enthralled with the hours of imaginative play it provides.

The 3-story Dream House is clearly an elegant and luxurious residence fit for a fashion diva, so of course – Barbie and her friends enjoy it to the max.

The gorgeous and sparkling home is what Barbie has been saving up for, and she definitely has a house worth every penny in both small and large features of the Dream House.

Features of Barbie Dream House

Once the dolls “walk” through the bright and elegant, hot pink double doors (with working doorbell), they find themselves on the first floor that offers a kitchen and dining room. Then an elevator goes up to the second floor that has a realistic bathroom and bedroom, and the third floor has the spacious closet of a fashionista along with a cozy sitting room.

The kitchen offers play through luxury stainless steel appliances along with an oven that really lights up and a blender with realistic sounds as well. Meals are served in the dining room on the first floor at a table that easily goes from breakfast to dinner with a simple flip.

Barbie Dream HouseThe elevator goes up to the second floor where the bathroom features a light-up mirror that is child-activated, a toilet that can make the well-known “flushing” sounds, and you can ever hear someone singing in the shower.

On the same floor, the master bedroom provides a beautiful canopy bed for Barbie with a pullout trundle bed beneath it for easy use when needed for company. The master bedroom also has an elegant dog bed for Barbie’s favorite furry friend.

The elevator stops at the crowning touch to Barbie Dream House – the fabulous third floor with its fashion closet and stylish sitting room. The sitting room offers a television that can be activated to “flip” channels and a balcony to use for catching some sun or enjoying a spectacular sunset.

The third floor also houses what may be Barbie’s favorite area – the fashion closet. The closet also offers a second elevator to use for transporting outfits from the closet to the bathroom. The closet also holds a vanity area to utilize when dressing the dolls in one of Barbie’s favorite outfits.

What’s In The Box

  • One-piece home with 3 stories and 2 elevators
  • Furniture pieces (most of which have the “pieces stay in place” characteristic
  • Appliances
  • Some tiny accessories

The Verdict

Needless to say, our girls have spent hours playing with Barbie and her friends at her dazzling pink Dream House. It is such a fabulous toy that the girls often get older cousins and friends to play when they are visiting…even Mommies have spent significant time re-living childhood by playing with the amazingly detailed Barbie home. We love how much fun it is to role-play with the Dream House, and we’ve watched our girls enjoy playing a wide variety of women’s roles as Barbie dolls in the Dream House. Rest assured, every penny spent on this toy will be worth it and enjoyed to the fullest!

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