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Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Cove Castle Playset

Barbie Rainbow Cove Castle

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

What’s a Barbie doll to do without a castle to call her own? The Barbie Rainbow Cove Castle Playset has an eye-pleasing, princess-like design to its interiors, with three floors of colorful décor. These rainbow colored rooms include detailed fixtures and accessories as well as brightly colored backdrops.

From butterflies to little rainbows you can set anywhere, the castle design was certainly one of fun and whimsy. It matches the Rainbow Cove theme and has bright colors of purple, blue, pink, yellow and orange. While there are no dolls included, there are a number of household items. Fantasy Barbie is certainly moving up by living in a castle instead of a house.

Features of The Barbie Rainbow Cove Castle Playset

  • Three floors
  • Detailed interiors
  • Clouds that can spin a fairy doll around as she overlooks the cove
  • Double doors with rainbows and butterflies
  • A dining room with a table set for two
  • Cupcakes, tea and chairs included
  • Rooftop deck
  • Swimming pool
  • Bedroom

What We Like About the Barbie Rainbow Cove Castle Playset

Everything about the product is cute and certainly made in the style of the franchise, with fairies, rainbows, mermaids and butterflies. Little touches like a chandelier in the dining room and rainbow colored stairs do add character to the castle. There is also a canopied bed and mermaid pool that is in a shell shape. A rooftop deck is a nice addition and little items like brushes, bottles and perfume also add to the charm.

What Others Are Saying About the Barbie Rainbow Cove Castle Playset

Barbie Rainbow Cove CastleMost product reviews are four to five stars, though users have said there are a few quirks about the castle. They do admit that children who love Barbie toys are never disappointed and love the idea of the castle. However, children can’t put the castle together on their own and will need the help of an adult. The average time for assembly is a half hour or less. No tools are required as these plastic parts simply snap together.

Some users remarked that the Barbie Rainbow Cove Castle is much bigger than they thought it would be, and that it may actually take up a lot of floor space, so be sure to put it somewhere safe where it won’t cause tripping.

The most concerning statement from users is that not all the pieces are secure so don’t be surprised if some pieces pop out on occasion. The toy is also ideal for older children since it can be a choking hazard for toddlers.

The Final Thought

The real question is whether or not children will love it and it’s obvious that they will, if they love other Barbie toys. The Barbie Rainbow Cove Castle Playset allows children to exercise their imagination and learn to share, given the multiple floors. It’s unlikely that children will even care about loose parts or items that “snap off” as they can be easily rectified. All in all, every Barbie needs a home and this one is a colorful option.

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