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Barbie Hello Dreamhouse

Barbie Dream House

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

Remember the days of spending hours playing with your Barbies in their Barbie Dreamhouse? The Barbie Hello Dreamhouse combines an amazing variety of modern technological features with the Barbies we have loved over time.

This new and improved Dreamhouse is literally the house of Barbie’s dreams. The Barbie Hello Dreamhouse uses smart technology to access voice recognition and commands, change lights and music, alter features of rooms, and so much more. This is not your ordinary dollhouse.

Children will love customizing the options inside this interactive Dreamhouse. Use voice commands to play or change music within the house, turn on the fireplace, or open the doors. This Barbie Hello Dreamhouse provides plenty of creative play opportunities for children of all ages.

Features of Barbie Hello Dreamhouse

  • Wi-Fi enabled speech recognition responds to over 100 commands.
  • Includes four motors, electronic staircase that changes into a slide, motorized elevator, spinning chandelier, and voice command doors.
  • Six rooms of changing features, 13 switches to activate features, including elevator and stairs.
  • The Hello Dreamhouse app can be used to customize the sounds in each room.
  • The app can also record your own sounds to play throughout the house.
  • Living room features a crackling fireplace.

What We Like About Barbie Hello Dreamhouse

One of the greatest features of the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse are the unique opportunities for interactive play. The incorporation of Wi-Fi enabled technology into this Dreamhouse creates unlimited opportunities for customization and creativity. Children can record their own sounds, as well as change the sounds within the house.

Barbie Hello DreamhouseMost features of the house can be altered, such as lights, elevator, stairs, and décor. Children can create an interactive play space for their Barbie dolls that is evolving based on their interests and those of their playmates. The use of technology in this Dreamhouse allows children to experience using apps and voice commands while playing. In this Barbie Hello Dreamhouse, if you can imagine it, you can create it!

Aside from the promising technological features of the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse, the more traditional dollhouse features also stand out. The Dreamhouse includes colorful furniture, a dining set, coffee table, water bottle, vase, blender, and many more. This allows children to experience a wide variety of opportunities for creative expression through play.

What Others Are Saying About the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse

The Hello Dreamhouse appears to be a great hit with children of a variety of ages, with boys and girls alike. The music features are especially noteworthy in reviews and parents expressed that their children loved the customizable options. Parents report that their children have enjoyed playing with this Dreamhouse for hours. Children of multiple ages, boys as well as girls, can play together and enjoy this Dreamhouse, providing great opportunities for children to bond.

The Verdict

The Barbie Hello Dreamhouse appears to be a big hit with kids of all ages this holiday season. Very few negative reviews were available about this product, and positive reviews rave about how much their children love this product. This Dreamhouse is sure to provide your children with hours of creativity and interactive play.

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