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Big Foot The Monster

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½
Big Foot The Monster

He’s big and he’s ready to make his way into your home! Big Foot the Monster is one of the year’s hottest toys, perfect for boys and girls ages 3 to 8 years old.

Made by the Fisher Price and part of the ever popular Imaginext toy line, this super cool toy offers plenty of action for hours of play time fun.

Big Foot has lots of personality to capture the hearts of all of the children he encounters, and he’s ready to make his way into your home and your child’s heart.

Features Of Big Foot The Monster

Standing almost 4 foot tall, the Big Foot Monster can also chew and burp, but never fear! He always uses his manners with an ever so polite excuse me. Press his belly and he can laugh at the funny things you say and do. This is one fun toy.

Fisher Price Imaginext BigFoot The MonsterBig Foot the Monster comes to life with the included wireless remote control. Pictures are displayed to easily demonstrate what Bigfoot will do next.

Bigfoot can be sleepy, angry, happy, or even sad. The toy can also walk, talk, chew, burp, and throw a ball! Your child’s face will light up as he sees Big Foot do flips in the air and other amazing tricks.

He’ll let you know when he’s ready for ball, saying phrases such as “Play”, and he can throw the ball for even more fun. He has learned his manners, and always offers a polite “excuse me” when a burp slips out.

You won’t like him when he’s angry, as the wireless remote allows Big Foot to pound and shake his fists above his head while letting out a loud roar so everyone knows he’s not a happy Bigfoot.

What’s In The Box

Big Foot the Monster comes complete with wireless remote control and ball. The wireless remote does require batteries, and must be purchased separate.

Also included in your Big Foot package is a rechargeable 9.6 volt battery with battery charger. If items are lost, they can be purchased separately from the manufacturer.


For a price of less than $100, this will be the best toy under the tree this holiday season. Every child will spend hours and hours playing with Big Foot toy. The Big Foot toy is also great for birthdays or any other special occasion, too.

Unlike toys children quickly tire of, Big Foot offers so many fun and neat things to do, you can rest assured the toy will receive plenty of play time.

Parents will be amazed at how much this toy can actually do, and kids will love how life like the toy really is. No other toy can offer quiet as much fun and excitement as the Big Foot Monster toy. If you want to have a happy child, this is the one toy to put a smile across their face.

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