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Big Hugs Elmo

Big Hugs Elmo

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★☆

This is definitely a great year for a cuddly toy for children that loves to both receive and give hugs! Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo fits that description well.

Elmo is perfect for pre-schoolers between the ages of 18 months and 4 years although he is well enjoyed by children older than 4 as well – especially if they are in need of something fun that can offer comfort at the same time.

The Big Hugs Elmo is the right size at just under 22 inches tall, and it weighs in at a cuddly 4 pounds. Elmo needs four AA batteries to operate, but he is still light enough to be easily enjoyed by small “huggers” while heavy enough to feel comfortably “real”.

Of course Elmo is designed in his traditional red fur with all the features children look for to identify him as Elmo, and he is very soft – just right for hugging.

Features of Big Hugs Elmo

  • Elmo not only loves to get hugs, he responds by hugging back with his automated arms.
  • Elmo “speaks” to encourage children to learn in various ways including things about the ABCs, shapes, colors, numbers, singing, etc.
  • He responds with fun comments whenever someone gives him a big hug, and can even sing a song about enjoying hugs.
  • Elmo’s left foot is wired so that when it is pressed, it begins to play 1 of 4 different pre-programmed activities with your child. These include scenarios centered around frogs, rabbits, horses, and astronauts.
  • When Elmo is moved around in dance-like movements, he responds with dancing movements of his own.
  • He holds more the 50 different animated phrases and sounds to make each playtime different and unique.
  • Big Hugs Elmo says things like: “Move to the Beat!” when songs play, or “Let’s pretend we’re rabbits! Boing, boing, boing”, to encourage physical activity.

What We Like About Big Hugs Elmo

This Elmo is an amazing naptime and/or bedtime partner that is designed to assist in getting children to sleep. Elmo goes into bedtime mode whenever he is laid down flat. His responses begin to sound “sleepy”, and he’ll sing a lullaby and other sleep-related noises.

Sesame Street Big Hugs ElmoSinging with Elmo includes 3 different fun songs that engage your child’s attention and triggers a desire to sing along. He is an ideal partner for imaginative and interactive play. He encourages everything from cuddling to dancing, singing, napping, and more.

There are many great aspects of Big Hugs Elmo that allow it to be a very versatile toy that children will play with repeatedly for years. One of the reasons your child won’t get bored with hugging Elmo is because the toy responds directly to your child according to whatever he or she is doing.

Perhaps the best feature of Big Hugs Elmo is his ability to actually squeeze his arms around the child and give a hug back in response when someone hugs him. This can offer amazing comfort to children whenever they are upset or scared and can really help them feel better whenever they need a hug.

What Customers Are Saying About Big Hugs Elmo

Most customers are happy about the size of Big Hugs Elmo and think it is definitely a stand-out positive feature for a toy as a Christmas gift in this price range that has such advanced technological features. Of course, as with any electronic toy, having to keep up with the batteries required to operate Elmo is slightly annoying. However, that is understood as a necessary evil of anything electronic and nothing to hold against hugging Elmo!

The only drawback is your child is going to love interacting with Elmo so much that it might require new batteries more frequently simply because of how often children will play with Big Hugs Elmo once he is theirs.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a stand-out toy for that special little one in your life, you can rest assured that Big Hugs Elmo will be worth every penny and more.

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