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Brightlings Interactive Singing & Talking Figures


Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

The Brightlings interactive singing & talking figure is a lovable toy that communicates and plays music. This plush toy is not only cuddly, but has a wide variety of great interactive features.

The Brightlings says over 100 phrases, sings and plays music with you, changes their voice, and can even record what you say. Her phrases are truly interactive, and many are questions asked to the child such as, “How are you feeling?”

She can also record anything you say and repeat it back for your entertainment pleasure. The recording feature provides children with endless opportunities for interaction with their adorable plush toy.

The toy plays music as well. She plays music from a variety of genres, from pop and jazz to opera and beat box. You can play, cuddle, and interact with this cute plush toy.

Features of Brightlings Interactive Singing & Talking Figures

  • Says over 100 phrases such as “How are you feeling?” and “I love you!”
  • You can record your voice and she plays it back for you.
  • Change her voice and phrases by tilting her or changing position.
  • Plays songs in 6 different styles including opera, jazz, yodeling, beat box, pop, and rock.
  • Recommended for ages 4 and up and requires 3 AAA batteries.

What We Like About Brightlings, Interactive Singing, Talking Figures

Among the variety of new interactive toys available this season, the Brightlings has many outstanding features that make this toy a great choice. Firstly, she says a wide variety of phrases and children can access more phrases the longer they play with the plush. The variety of over 100 phrases provides children with a great interactive experience.

BrightlingsThe record feature is a great ability of this plush. She listens to what you say, records it, and then plays it back in her own unique style. You can record your voice saying a word or phrase or record a song for 15 seconds and she will play any of these back to you in her own voice. This plush is highly adaptable to a user, and changes their voice and pitch during playback if you simply tilt her body.

Brightlings also includes a great music feature that will provide great entertainment and enjoyment for children. You can sing along with your cuddly plush in 6 different styles of music. The inclusion of different styles of music exposes children to a variety of music and will keep them interested in the toy for a long time.

What Others Are Saying About Brightlings

The reviews for this toy are overwhelmingly positive, and children and their families absolutely love this plush toy. One of the most interesting things revealed through the reviews is that parents and children love to play with this toy together.

Adults and children both seem to find this toy entertaining and fun to play with. Many customers reported having a lot of fun with the feature that allows you to change the pitch of her voice by tilting her during playback.

Customers also reported that the construction of this toy is very solid and their children enjoyed playing with the toy for a long time.

The Verdict

With little to no negative reviews for this product, it is safe to assume that this toy is a smash hit. One of the greatest things about Brightlings is that it is not only fun for the kids, but adults seem to enjoy playing with this toy as well. The music and record playback features as well as the pitch changes will provide endless entertainment for children and their families.

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