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Candy Craft Chocolate Pen

Candy Craft Chocolate Pen

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

Candy Craft Chocolate Pen is an electric handheld chocolate dispenser pen. It comes with pen tips, clamps, caps, bags, candy molds, and 2 ounce packets of chocolate in four colors; brown, pink, blue, and white.

Children are curious by nature and love to help out around the kitchen. They absolutely love to help out with desserts. A toy they can have fun with which helps them get involved in decorating and decorating desserts would be great, especially ones that let them be creative but not too messy.

That is where the Candy Craft Chocolate Pen comes in handy. The chocolate is melted by placing the chocolate packs in hot water for a few minutes. The pen tip is attached with the clamp and inserted into the pen. An actuator inside the pen pushes down on the pack to dispense the chocolate.

Features of Candy Craft Chocolate Pen

  • Comes with 4 packs of chocolate in 4 colors.
  • Chocolate melts readily in hot water.
  • Candy hardens quickly with only a few minutes in the freezer.
  • Includes 50 candy molds on 3 plastic sheets.
  • Recommended for ages 6 and up.
  • Requires 2-AA batteries, which are not included.
  • Refill chocolate packs sold separately.

What We Like About Candy Craft Chocolate Pen

It’s hard to go wrong with chocolate. The molds are pretty cute and are really good for colorful chocolate treats for kids to make for themselves.

The real appeal of the Candy Craft Chocolate Pen is in writing freehand. Everyone wants their name in lights, but their name in chocolate is a close second.

Candy Craft Chocolate PenThe pen does take some getting used to. Children will need an adult’s help to get the pen tip on the bag and the clamp secured. The first treats made with this pen are going to look a little wonky. But it does not matter because it is chocolate and chocolate is always good.

Once familiar with the Chocolate Pen, the limits are really up to the user’s imagination.

Clean up is not too bad with the pen. It is recommended that the designs are made on parchment or wax paper. That way the chocolate can moved easily to the freezer to harden before being enjoyed.

What Others Are Saying About Candy Craft Chocolate Pen

Many parents and children really enjoy the Candy Craft Chocolate Pen. One user was particularly thankful for the detailed instructions included in the box. Many were happy with the high quality of the chocolate included in the kit.

That being said, there were also some who were frustrated with the difficulty in getting the pen tip secured to the chocolate. One user warns at the cost of the refill packs, but quality chocolate does come at a premium.

The Verdict

For children who want to get involved in the kitchen decorating and creating sweet treats, the Candy Craft Chocolate Pen will be a great gift. Once they are used to the pen, they can go freehand and decorate all they want.

The chocolate itself is easy to melt and the pen tips come with a cap to minimize mess when in storage. At a reasonable price, it is not going to break the bank.

Not a bad price for some colorful and delicious fun the whole family can enjoy.

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