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Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★★

Are you interested in artificial intelligence? Did you ever dream of owning your own robot like Wall-E? With the new Cozmo robot by robotics start up Anki, the world of robotics and artificial intelligence combine to bring new technologies into consumer’s homes. All you need to access the intelligence laden within this robot is a compatible mobile phone or tablet device using the Cozmo app. Using this app, you can access the AI world of Cozmo.

Cozmo expresses personality and emotions like no other AI robot toy previously on the market. He expresses real emotions and responds to your actions. Cozmo also plays games and unlocks more features the longer you interact with him.

Features of Cozmo

  • Realistic robot that expresses personality that changes based on your interactions
  • Expresses emotions and responds to a user’s actions
  • Access Cozmo’s features using a free app on a compatible mobile phone or tablet device
  • Combines robotics and artificial intelligence at the consumer level
  • New games and upgrades become unlocked the longer you interact with Cozmo

What We Like About Cozmo

One of the greatest features of Anki’s Cozmo robot is the combination of robotics and artificial intelligence at the consumer level. Interestingly, one of the goals of tech start up Anki is to make robotics and artificial intelligence come alive for consumers outside of tech labs. Anki strives to make this technology available to the public to experience and experiment with. Their robot Cozmo certainly pushes them towards meeting their start up goals.

CozmoCozmo accesses artificial intelligence through the mobile app while interacting and responding to a user. Consumers will find that Cozmo’s emotions respond realistically to his environment and directly to his interaction with a user.

Cozmo has the ability to change over time as he has increasing human interaction. Cozmo is capable of expressing and understanding hundreds of emotions over time. His feelings respond to his interactions with you, and he easily changes moods as you respond to him.

Through robotics, Cozmo can move around his environment easily and pick up blocks and respond to his surroundings. The free Cozmo app provides users with an endless array of options for interaction with their robot. The app provides updates and new games the longer you interact with him.

What Others Are Saying About Cozmo

The reviews of the new Cozmo robot speak very highly of this robot. Most users report that Cozmo is very easy to set up and interact with. Users praise the ease of use and set up for such a high-tech robotics toy. There are very little reports of technological issues with the Cozmo app, so this bodes well for the average consumer.

Since this product is new and continually developing, there is limited information on the updates and games within the app. Currently, two games appear to be available with new updates planned soon. Some users reported issues with the facial recognition system, stating that the robot had trouble recognizing faces in low light environments.

The Verdict

Children and adults of all ages appear to be having great fun with this AI robotics toy. Cozmo is a fairly simple introduction to AI and robotics for the average consumer, making new technologies and learning accessible to the general public. Easy to set up and interact with, Cozmo appears to be a win for robot lovers and tech savvy consumers this season.

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