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Crayola Glow Book

Crayola Glow Book

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

Crayola recently introduced the highly imaginative Crayola Glow Book. There are few things that can set a child off like glow in the dark coloring, and parents who have children who enjoy stor ytime in the dark know this.

There is a lot of fun glow in the dark crafts such as the Glow Book can be. At an affordable price, this is a great pick for parents who want to have a budget-friendly Christmas.

But, is the Crayola Glow Book the best choice you can make for your kid? This review can help you decide whether or not it’s worth the money.

Quick Overview of The Crayola Glow Book

The Crayola Glow Book is a “book” that allows children to make their own animated, glow in the dark pictures using a variety of different colors and layers. This book comes with four different reusable surfaces and six different colored markers. For most children, this is more than enough to get their creative juices flowing without actually having any animation aspect.

  • The infinite possibilities that animation allows makes the Crayola Glow Book an innovative, exciting, and overall engaging toy for children of all ages.
  • The animation aspect of the Crayola Glow Book is accomplished by allowing children to decide which surfaces get highlighted, along with the order that they are supposed to glow in.
  • You can make all four panels glow simultaneously, or you can make one panel glow at a time, or just create your own sequence. The sequences your child is allowed to create with the Crayola Glow Book can be up to 20 different steps.
  • The Crayola Glow Book also comes with a small set animation tracing guides for children who want to have a little bit of help while drawing.
  • It should be noted that the Crayola Glow Book will go into sleep mode after a minute of non-use in order to save battery life.

Who Would Enjoy The Crayola Glow Book?

Crayola Glow BookEvery child will enjoy the Crayola Glow Book because every child loves to draw and express himself. Both girls and boys love this kit, and the best news about this Crayola Glow Book is that it’s easy to clean up.

The fact that it’s easy to clean, easy to use, and always able to bring smiles to kids makes the Crayola Glow Book a hit with both parents and children alike. Perfect for any child over the age of 6, this coloring kit will make your child’s year!

That being said, children who love to be creative and are always looking for a new way to make new art will adore this glow in the dark treat. It’s also going to be a hit with friends who want to show off their individual coloring styles in their own unique panel.

The Bottom Line

This is a great Christmas gift to buy if you want your child to have a new, inexpensive art kit that won’t mess up your living room while providing hours and hours of entertainment. It’s an excellent choice for parents, educators, and babysitters that want to engage their kids in creative learning.

The Crayola Glow Book is going to be a hot seller when it comes to the Christmas shopping season, and it’s already being reflected in its online sales. If you want to get the bargain prices that you’ve been hoping for, you need to order early to avoid disappointment.

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