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Crayola Light Designer

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

Crayola Light Designer

The Crayola Light Designer is an imaginative toy that combines tried and true entertainment techniques of old with modern day technology.

The Light Designer uses lights (duh!) to create pictures on a rounded dome when drawn by the included stylus. But that is just scratching the surface of all this Designer does and it definitely matches the high quality we expect from a product carrying the Crayola brand name.

One of its immediate standout features is the hours of fun it can provide with no mess whatsoever – unlike other drawing mediums such as crayons, markers, pencils, paints, etc. There is no clean up needed when children are playing with the Light Designer.

It is ideal for a creative child to enjoy, but it is also excellent for sparking creativity and imagination in young minds that aren’t so imaginative naturally because it comes pre-programmed with some scenes to enjoy coloring in more traditional ways.

“But wait! There’s More!” – This is definitely a product that fits that iconic phrase! The Crayola Light Designer also comes with games built-into the system including car races, finding hidden images, drawing half images with the other half reflected in the light in order to use as a guide, and creating light shows with their designs, etc.

Features of the Crayola Light Designer

  • It offers a no-mess design without any lessening of entertainment value.
  • The Designer is surprisingly large with a great surface area to use for drawing.
  • It requires 2 AAA batteries for use, but additional power needed beyond the AAAs can be provided through D batteries or a regular plug that allows it to be plugged into an electrical outlet.
  • The stylus is large and easy to be held by small hands or large. It also has a button to allow for drawing without touching the surface, and the dome is designed to have a storage place for the stylus on the side.
  • The dome shape is unusual for a drawing surface which only creates an avenue for even more creativity when drawing.
  • Designer creations are easily erased, changed, or colored over as desired.
  • “Coloring Pages” are available when preferred over creating unique designs.
  • Built-in games allow for a variety of tastes and entertaining enjoyment.
  • The home menu for the Light Designer is easily accessible for children who can quickly return to the menu anytime they want by the 2 white lines at the bottom.
  • It has memory capability to store 50 still images, but it cannot save animations.
  • It needs to rest on a flat surface in order for the Designer to work, but even though the lights will disappear if it is lifted or not on a flat surface, then image being created when it was moved is not erased but will be waiting for your child when the dome rests on a flat surface again.

What We Like About Crayola Light Designer

Crayola Light DesignerWe have a lot of appreciation for the ways Crayola was able to combine nostalgic and always successful design elements of old for colors and creativity while packaging them in a way to appeal to the children of today’s culture who are surrounded by technology.

Children need to be comfortable interacting with and using technology, but that doesn’t mean it just has to be with computers or video games that can stifle an imagination making it lazy when the machine does the creative work. The Crayola Light Designer combines both old and new in an excellent format that showcases the strengths of each.

Children can draw on the dome using a stylus and it can display up to 7 basic colors. They can also animate their pictures through various options and can even make short movies by combining the drawings saved on the Light Designer. The highly technological options are great in sparking imagination as well. Children can move drawings around on the lit-up dome simply through click and drag moves just as we do on a word processor.

The stylus is large and easily grasped by any size of hand and can be used in a couple of ways to draw. Children can either press the tip of the stylus on the drawing space of the dome and draw in the usual way, or the stylus has a button on the side that can be pressed which will then allow for drawing while holding the stylus pen about an inch away from the surface of the dome.

What Customers Are Saying About Crayola Light Designer

Light DesignerMost consumers express positive feelings about the product over-all and believe it to be a great purchase price for the imaginative and creative fun it offers.

One minor issue seems to be the inability of the stylus to stay in its designated storage spot when not in use. It tends to fall out of the slot quite easily. The Light Designer also emits a low buzzing or whirring sound when on that might be a little irritating to some. But neither of these issues has been serious enough to cause anyone to reject the drawing toy.

There is an understanding that nothing in life can be completely perfect for everyone and the trade-offs with the Light Designer are so minor that they do not influence purchase choices at all. Many parents really appreciate having a modern toy that encourages young minds to be creative and active in ways reminiscent of the culture before technology took over.

Those who struggle with children wanting to spend hours in front of the television or computer screen are thrilled to have a toy that encourages hours of creative play as the Light Designer does.

The Bottom Line

The creative possibilities for the Crayola Light Designer cause it to be an excellent purchase choice for the holidays or any other special occasion. It is a great way to nurture the creativity in children in a way they find stimulating and highly entertaining, but also for enjoyment that isn’t messy and needs no clean-up.

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