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Crayola Paint Maker

Crayola Paint Maker

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

Painting and other artistic endeavors have never been so much fun with Crayola Paint Maker as they can be simply by making your own paint colors to use.

This kit is for children 8 years of age and older, and it has everything needed to make 15 of your very own color combinations. Paint colors are created from your choice of color combinations using 75 no-mess color strips that are red, blue, or yellow.

Since this is a Crayola product (a business known for the high quality of their materials and toys), of course there’s a detailed mixing guide included in order for your child to easily understand how to mix up colors to make a specific color they have in mind or just their own unique color combos. There are even labels included in the package to use for labeling new colors created by the unique tastes of your favorite little artist.

Features of The Crayola Paint Maker

  • Crayola Paint Maker machine
  • 15 paint pots
  • 15 paint pot labels
  • 2.5 ounce container of paint base
  • 75 color strips for mixing colors
  • Color mixing guide
  • 10 blank sheets of papers for painting use
  • A paintbrush

What We Like About Crayola Paint Maker

All it takes for children to create their own special shades of color is this Paint Maker and the supplies that come with it. Colors are created through mixing and shaking the paint ingredients together by the shaking arm of the Paint Maker.

Crayola Paint MakerThe color strip technology cuts the “messy” factor way down, and that alone is one of the most favorite characteristics for children who don’t care to be messy or the caretakers of children everywhere!

Another favorite detail for parents and children both are the fold-up design Crayola provided with this Paint Maker. It makes it easily portable as well as easily stored when not in use – both aspects add to the value and pleasure of making paint!

Most parents just cringe when they hear the name of a toy includes the word “paint” because life is hard enough to keep up with without having toys that create a big mess whenever they are played with. We almost just passed this up completely because a “Paint Maker” would be extremely messy…right? Usually the answer to that is yes, but not so with the Crayola Paint Maker. Crayola clearly understand the needs of parents as well as the pleasurable experience desired by artistic children and have managed to meet the needs and wants of both groups by the design of this Paint Maker.

The Verdict

Not only is Crayola Paint Maker a fun toy, it is also an educational one and great for teaching children some of the scientific facts behind colors and how they are formed.

Personally, we love giving our kids toys that feed the imagination and help boost our children’s artistic sides since they have no trouble boosting their digital and electronic media side. We believe expressing emotion and artistry through colors is very valuable, and this toy enables that artistic expression in the fun and enjoyable process of color creation.

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