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Crayola Projector Light Designer

Crayola Projector Light Designer

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★☆

The Crayola Projector Light Designer is a great way for kids to share their artistic talents and show them off in a way that big and bright. Children are able to draw or trace anything they like on plastic sheets.

The sheets come with the set and are reusable when drawn on by the special markers that come with the set. Innovative young minds can even uses multiple sheets to layer images and make stories come to life. Your home wall or ceiling will turn into a work of art, or a great place for rainy day games.

The Projector Light Designer set comes with six sheets and markers and is intended for children aged six and above.

Features of the Crayola Projector Light Designer

  • Magnifies 20 times the size
  • Can project your images on the ceiling and walls
  • Children draw with specialized markers
  • Comes with plastic sheets for drawing and markers
  • Works with acetate covers for the layered look
  • Easy on and off start button

What We Like Best About the Projector Light Designer

This is a great way to get your kids more interactive with their artwork. The screens on the Light Designer are easy to clean, with a simple wet napkin and water which makes it perfect for little hands without too much interaction from adults.

The markers are the right size for small hands and the round slides used on the machine. The colours of the markers are very bright, not at all what you would expect from what seems to be white board markers. When projected on a white surface, at medium size, the images are clear and colourful.

Cryola Projector Light Designer is great for playing games with other children, or even for animated learning. Another great thing is that you can store the markers right on the unit after play so they don’t get lost.

What Other Customers Are Saying About Crayola Projector Light Designer

Projector Light DesignerOne customer purchased the item for her 5 year old niece, she said the little girl was really excited to see her drawings on the wall, without getting punished for writing on the walls themselves. It makes a perfect weekend or rain day activity.

One mother said that the idea was pretty good, but the drawing space was so small that older children who want to create more complex scenes may lose interest after the first few days. For smaller children, the option to have their creations blow up to a bigger size to show off was a great way to keep her toddlers from arguing.

A single dad mentioned that his daughter fell in love with this toy when she went to her friend’s house for a sleep over. After searching a few local stores, he went online and found one at a great price. His daughter love making colourful murals to display on their living room wall and also plays for hours with her friends.

The Verdict

Overall, the idea behind the Projector Light Designer by Crayola is a good one. The colors of the markers are bright and vibrant, which is to be expected from the art king of the industry. Despite the small space, children are able to make attractive pictures, and even layer their designs for more complex works of art. This helps children to bring out more details and further make use of their active imaginations. The projector is made well, and has some great features.

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