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Crayola Sketch Wizard

Crayola Sketch Wizard

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★☆

Crayola Sketch Wizard is ideal for kids who really love art and want to hone their sketching skills. It is a tracing set that can be used to trace 2D, 3D or images from electronic devices to create life-like and beautiful artwork that they can feel proud of.

If you are looking for something above and beyond the typical art set for your kid then this is the thing! It comes with pencils, paper and the like but also with a whole other element of fun and excitement that sets it apart.

Crayola, a trusted brand in children’s arts and crafts, has done it again with this awesome toy designed for young budding artists ages 8 to 12. Your child will be really excited to create lifelike portraits, drawings and sketches and you will be glad to see them refining their art skills.

Features of Crayola Sketch Wizard

  • Built in pencil storage
  • Removable eye piece
  • Converts into a lap desk
  • Produces accurate tracing
  • Patent pending lens technology to trace from photos
  • Comes with: 1 graphite pencil, 6 colored pencils, Starter sheets, Blank sheets

What We Like About Crayola Sketch Wizard

This kit will excite any kid who loves to sketch. They will be able to draw their favorite action figure or doll or even trace a photograph from a tablet or phone. This is an awesome way to train their hands to be steady and to teach them the importance of patience and detail. Kid artists will spend hours using this art kit.

For example, if your kids want to try their favorite characters from TV, books or movies, this kit will allow that. It is nothing incredibly fancy but that is for the best with kids.

What Other Consumers Are Saying

Crayola Sketch WizardThe Sketch Wizard is really great for kids who love art. People seem very pleased with this toy and have great things to say about it.

If you buy it for a child under 8 then you will probably have some issues. It is not designed for small children and some parents who bought it for 5 or 6 year olds complained that it was frustrating. Once again, Crayola Sketch Wizard wasn’t made for that age range. It was made for older children.

If your child is not a huge art lover they may get bored with it but if your child really loves to draw, sketch and work on their art skills then this is an awesome toy. In short, don’t buy it for small children or for kids who aren’t really excited about art and sketching.

The Verdict

Crayola Sketch Wizard is an awesome art kit for any child who wants to hone their sketching skills. It is not an elaborate toy but it is a toy for kids who really have an interest in drawing. It is also made for older children. If you buy it for its intended user then it should be a big hit! It is a really fun and different concept and the kids will love sharing and showing off artwork created from their figurines, dolls, photos and more.

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