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Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★☆

Create game

The Create, one of the newest games by Electronics Arts, is a very unique video game that features over 100 different spatially based puzzles with varying levels of difficulty made especially for kids, teen and even adults.

The puzzles are designed with different themes and categories that will make every game very challenging, unique and fun.

Quick Overview

  • The game features over 100 different challenges and puzzles set in 10 different game environments and settings.
  • Each game runs on a totally unique path, depending on the rewards you unlock and earn.
  • The more rewards you earn, the more tools you get for solving the puzzles.
  • The settings can be completely customized which allows you to create your very own theme, design, style and gaming environment.
  • It features puzzles of varying degrees of difficulty – which is perfect for the entire family
  • Available in Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC/Mac.

How to Play the Game

The Create game has 10 different puzzle levels within different floating worlds. You move on from one level to another by scoring points as you decorate each setting with accessories, colors, and textures, using a variety of tools. The more points you earn, the more tools become available to you.

What We Like About Create

Create video gameThe Create is the very first of its kind in the market. It features a unique puzzle that allows you to make use of your imagination and creativity.

The Create does not put players inside a box and limit you with rules. Instead, it gives you the freedom to solve the puzzles on your own purely through your imagination and ingenuity. This makes it a great educational tool for kids where they can develop their creativity and problem solving skills.

First timers do not have to worry because the game also comes with a thorough and easily understandable tutorial sessions. These sessions will run you through the basic rules of the game – on how to gain points and move on from one level to the next.

The challenges and puzzles are designed especially to be completely different from the next so you’ll never get bored with the number of levels within the game.

Any Negative Points?

Although the game was made especially for the entire family (with varying levels of difficulties), some product users say that the principles of the game may still be too complex for the younger kids to understand. It requires basic engineering skills and physics laws that kids may still not fully comprehend. Due to the complexities, others rate this as an adults-only game.

The Bottom Line

This game is a total mind-boggler and adults and older kids can easily get hooked with it for hours. Aside from that, it also provides a great mental challenge, making all those hours worthwhile.

The Create game is great for kids who love problem solving and for adults who want something both fun and mentally challenging to pass the time.

The Create is now available online and is sold at an average price of $15. Remember: make sure that you get only the genuine product by purchasing one from reputable online stores such as Amazon.com and the product’s official website.

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