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Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★☆
Cuponk! - El Campeon with Funnel

Cuponk is game made by Hasbro that can be played by people of all ages, although it is recommended for ages 9 and higher.

It is slated to be released during this Christmas holiday season.

Quick Overview

If you would like to wean the children away from the T.V or computer, then this game would be an excellent way to start.

It is a very fun and somewhat challenging game that can be played with large groups or just one person at a time. Players can also purchase expansion sets that come with extra balls and more challenges.

How Is Cuponk Played?

There are actually 3 different versions of this game and they are the Cuponk “Gorrilanator”, “El Campeon” and “Let it R.I.P” game.

The object of all three game sets is the same. And that is to toss a ping pong type ball into a cup. The game will come with a deck of cards with instructions on how to throw the ball. For example, if the card you draw says “bounce ball on your head and pavement to make the shot”, you follow the instructions and get the prescribed point.

Cuponk - GorrilanatorIf the player makes it in, then it will make a distinct sound and light up. The Gorrilanator will make the sound of a, you guessed it, a gorilla, the El Campeon will mimic the sound of a crazed wrestler and the R.I.P game will make a sound resembling a zombie. As you play, it will play little victory songs through its built in speakers.

There are also a few other differences between each model Cuponk game. The Gorrilanator will have a ramp leading up to the hole, “El Campeon” has a funnel and “Let it R.I.P” has a back board, similar to a basket ball hoop.

The ball itself is light, a little heavier than a ping pong ball with a little less bounce to it. If played indoors, there is no danger of it breaking any objects. Apart from the regular throwing instructions given by the cards; it will also give suggestions to come up with your own signature moves. If you miss, it will be the next players turn and so on.


If you are looking for an affordable and fun way to get the kids away from the TV this is the game for you. The main benefit of this game is that it will help improve hand eye coordination of people who play it.

For children this means improving their motor skills, which later on can improve their driving skills. It is also capable of improving their cognitive and creative thinking abilities. All this will happen without them knowing it, in a fun and creative way.

Cuponk is also a lot cheaper compared to that new electronic game console you may be looking at, and a lot more useful. This is going to be one of the “sleeper” toys for this holiday season, so go ahead and grab yours today before the holiday rush begins.

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