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Disney Frozen Castle and Ice Palace Set

Disney Frozen Castle and Ice Palace Set

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

If your daughter is a lover of Elsa and Anna from the hit movie “Frozen” then she will love this 2-in-1 Disney Frozen Castle and Ice Palace Set.

It combines the warm, homey castle where they grew up and Elsa’s cold, snowy ice palace. This will provide hours of imaginary fun and joy for any little girl who loves the film.

The Castle and Ice Palace Set comes with more than ten film-inspired accessories so that your little one can recreate a plethora of scenes from the hit movie. This best-selling toy will be a hit under the Christmas tree or for any birthday or holiday.

Features of Disney Frozen Castle and Ice Palace Set

  • Inspired by the hit film, “Frozen
  • One side features the castle in Arendelle with a fireplace, chaise lounge and more
  • Other side features the ice palace with a frozen throne and bed as well as a slide
  • Folds up for easy storage and on-the-go play
  • Beautiful detailing
  • Many accessories for lots of fun

What We Like About Disney Frozen Castle and Ice Palace Set

The palace is beautifully detailed and the perfect thing to inspire the imagination of any little girl. All little girls love to play princesses and thrones and castles are some of their favorite things!

Disney Frozen Castle and Ice Palace SetThe Frozen Castle and Ice Palace Set is ideal for a girl who loves the film and will never get old because the options of play are so limitless.

It is great for younger kids, as well, because some “fancier” dollhouses are made of wood or include lots of small, fragile pieces. This one is durable and suitable for smaller children. That way you do not have to worry about things getting broken or worried.

What Customers are Saying About Frozen Castle and Ice Palace Set

Most people who purchased Frozen Castle and Ice Palace Set for their kids found that the children absolutely loved it. With as much of a hit as the film was it is not hard to believe that this toy would be a favorite, as well. Some people do feel that it is a bit larger than they might have expected but given that it folds up it is really not a huge toy, at all.

You should be aware, before buying, that the dolls are sold separately. Some customers did not read closely enough and that caused disappointment. However, the dolls are easy to find and purchase and will provide the “finishing touch” to this set that will make any girl giggle with glee and excitement.

The Verdict

Disney Frozen Castle and Ice Palace Set is a great toy for any young girl. All girls love dollhouses and this toy takes a dollhouse to the next level with the two separate sides. It is so much fun to play with and easy to put away and store because it folds down. It expands easily, as well, so your little girl can play with it with little to no help from you. Any parent knows that a toy that encourages imagination and independence is an absolute gem. Though it may not seem as such, this is a learning toy. All children learn through play and anything that inspires imagination and allows children to act out scenes is a great way to foster learning and a sense of independence.

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