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Disney Princess and Me Collection

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★★
Disney Princess and Me

The Disney Princess and Me collection has created breathtakingly beautiful dolls that any little princess, aged 6 or up, would love to own.

They are manufactured from the highest quality materials by Jakks Pacific and trust marked for authenticity.

The dolls bring your little girl’s favorite princess to life in a realistic replica from the animated movies.

5 Beautiful Princesses To Choose From

The 18 inch doll is available in 5 different princesses; Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Ariel from Little Mermaid, Tiana from The Princess and the Frog and Cinderella.

Each doll comes with a ball gown, pair of shoes, pair of earrings, tiara, 4 ½” full-color, princess magazine, royal invitation and honorary princess certificate. They are priced slightly under $50 dollars.

Features of The Collection

Disney Princess And Me - ArielThe Disney Princess and Me dolls are able to move and pose in a manner which allows for hours of creative play, like tea parties, grand balls and other princess activities that her owner has imagined.

Great care has been taken to create the beautiful ball gowns. Satin, organza, velveteen and sheer fabrics combine to create the collection.

The designers paid meticulous attention to the glittered accents and metallic trim work. Additional garments are available to purchase as well as a tea set, wardrobe, canopy bed and vanity set.

The dolls have 6 different ball joints, placed at the neck, each shoulder, the waist and hips for a wide range of motion and flexibility.

Why We Like Disney Princess And Me Collection

Disney Princess And Me - BelleTo ensure authenticity, each doll has been stamped with a trademark trust stamp. The stamp is easily located on the foot. Every dress is also labeled with the same trust stamp. Customers will have no doubts that they are purchasing a real Princess and Me doll.

An exceptional attention to detail makes these dolls worth every cent. Each princess’ face is handcrafted and based off the original animated film.

They use Macor eyes which contain varying hues to mimic human eyes and are of the highest quality. For skin, the dolls have a matte porcelain finish. The beautiful hand-rooted hair, Kanekalon, is imported from Japan and of a quality matching that of the most expensive hair extensions and wigs.


Overall, it is a high quality product which has been crafted to be the most realistic replica of the Disney princesses on the market. They are beautiful and everything a princess doll should be and great as a Christmas gift.

I would not recommend the dolls for little girls that aren’t really that interested in princesses and dolls. Only because they would not appreciate the craftsmanship and there are plenty of other versions of Disney princesses available for a fraction of the cost.

On the other hand, these dolls are perfect for little girls who love anything Disney Princess and have a passion for dolls. The Disney Princess and Me dolls are a must have addition for collectors or avid Disney fans.

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