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Dora Links Doll

Dora Links DollDora Links Doll is the new interactive doll from Mattel. It was inspired by Dora the Explorer preschool TV program. This 13-inch doll, however, is an older girl than the Dora in TV. Intended for girls 5-8 years old, Dora Links is innovative and computer-compatible. She lives in the online world of Puerto Verde, a fictional beachside city, with her friends Naiya, Emma, Kata, and Alana.

Dora Links comes with a USB cable to allow it to connect to the computer. As girls play online, they can customize the doll in the online world and watch the doll magically transforms herself right before their eyes. Through the online play, girls can change Dora’s hair length, eye color and jewelry color.

The interactive online game also let girls help cleaning up Dora’s community, helping friends, solving mysteries, volunteering at the neighborhood animal shelter, taking part in a city-wide flower planting day, and so on. The computer interactivity certainly appeals to the new generation of technologically savvy kids. It is a great Christmas gifts for girls.

If you are a parent and worry about girls playing the games online, you will be happy to know that the Dora’s Explorer Girls online world is completely closed free from social networking so your kids can play in a safe environment.

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