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Easy Bake Ultimate Oven

Easy Bake Ultimate Oven

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★☆

Those of us who enjoyed playing with an Easy Bake Oven in our own childhoods, recognize the potential for hours of pleasure such a toy can give. This Easy Bake Ultimate Oven is similar to the older models enough to appeal to that sentimental attachment to childhood gone by while being fully updated to pique the interest of the modern child.

Playing with an Easy Bake Oven is an iconic tradition you can pass along to the children in your life today and this updated version will be enjoyed greatly and allow the Easy Bake tradition to continue to thrive for another generation of budding bakers.

One of the modernizations this Easy Bake Oven contains the removal of the light bulb as a cooking element. Instead, this cute little oven plugs in to universal electricity outlets in order to bake the tasty treats being whipped up.

Features of the Easy Bake Ultimate Oven

  • Ultimate Oven
  • Baking Pan
  • Cupcake Pan & Papers
  • Red Velvet Cake Mix
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
  • Rainbow Sugar Sprinkles
  • Pink Frosting Mix
  • Pan Pusher
  • Recipe & Instruction Book

What We Like About Easy Bake Ultimate Oven

The Ultimate Oven comes with everything your child will need to start baking right away including recipes and ingredients. The box comes with a cake mix, a cookie mix, and a frosting mix with sprinkles to decorate the baked goods.

This Easy Bake Oven proves why Easy Bake has been enjoyed by children for several generations. It retains enough of its originality to stay true to the brand while updated enough to modern day norms in order to interest the children of this generation.

Easy Bake OvenWe highly appreciate the removal of the light bulb as the source for cooking heat – that was often a drawback and safety risk of the old ones and would prohibit purchase today if it had not been changed. But it works just as well and much safer as an electrical toy – just be sure children are supervised when playing with it just as they need to be with any other toy that operates through electricity.

We also love the fact that the Easy Bake Oven is just as educational as it was years ago and will teaching your child about measurements, heat, baking, etc. while they are having fun baking tasty treats. It is a great toy to instill a desire to give in your child. He or she can take the time to make special baked goods for loved ones or anyone needing an extra bit of attention.

The well-deserved praise given to children by those who receive their baked goods of love will fan the flame of service in your child and help them realize it is really fun to use time and energy to give to others.

The cooking chamber of the updated Easy Bake Oven is larger than older models which makes it possible to bake more treats at time. Whether making a special birthday cake for a loved one, or a dessert to go with dinner, children will enjoy impressing friends and family alike with their baking skills and tasty creations.

What Customers Are Saying About Easy Bake Ultimate Oven

The new and improved Easy Bake Oven gets high marks from the majority of consumers. Many really appreciated the color and general decorations of the oven itself that allows it to be appealing to boys as well as girls. The deep purple is not overtly feminine like the stereotypical “girly” pink color of the old Easy Bake ovens.

Another beneficial feature noted is the little storage drawer in the bottom of the oven that is big enough to hold the baking pans and a cake mix packet or two. Some suggest a search online for recipes that are compatible with the oven, and also to see what other baking mixes are available for purchase from Easy Bake.

The Bottom Line

The Easy Bake Ultimate Oven is definitely a fun toy to enjoy giving to the special child in your life who has any interest in baking or cooking. There are not many toys enjoyed by adults in their own childhoods that are just as appealing to the children of the modern era, but Easy Bake has done a great job in keeping their ovens relevant and retro at the same time.

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