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Ever After High Rebel and Royal Dolls

Ever After High Rebel and Royal Dolls

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

The Ever After High Rebel and Royal dolls are not your traditional Barbies. Dressed in a hip and modern fairytale fashion, they offer a whole new world for young girls to explore.

The character for each doll is created as the child of a traditional fairytale parent. They are grouped into the Rebels and the Royals based on who their parent is, but which side they will remain on each character will have to decide for herself.

Characters include Madeline Hatter, Ashlynn Ella, Hunter Huntsman, Apple White, Briar Beauty, and Raven Queen. Releasing just in time for the Christmas season, these dolls are perfect for the new generation of young girls.

Features of the Ever After High Rebel and Royal Dolls

  • Each doll comes with a bookmark detailing her story, a key, a doll stand, and a hairbrush.
  • Characters are dressed in a modern twist on fairytale style.
  • Accessories include a unique purse, jewelry, and headpiece.
  • Fully jointed doll that can be easily posed or played with.
  • Six characters to collect and use in imaginative play.
  • Each doll is sold separately with the exception of Ashylnn Ella and Hunter Huntsman who come as a set.
  • Dimensions: 9×2.8×12.8 in.

What we like about the Ever After High Rebel and Royal Dolls

These dolls are different from the traditional Barbie because they each come with their own back-story. Their parents are the characters that young girls already know and love. The bookmark that details each doll’s story creates a springboard for unlimited imaginative play. As more dolls are collected, they can be used together to create unique adventures at Ever After High.

Ever After High Madeline Hatter DollThe clothes on the dolls are beautifully detailed and exquisite. With each doll having a unique set of jewelry and accessories, girls will instantly fall in love with the fashions.

From the wedge type shoes, to the stockings and individual headpieces, these fashions take fairytale style to a brand new level. With the dolls divided into Rebels and Royals, there is a style and character to fit the personality of each girl.

Most Barbie type dolls do not have moving joints. This can make dressing and posing them difficult. The fully jointed feature of these Ever After High dolls makes them easy to either play with or pose on their doll stand for decoration.

The clothes are removable, so girls will be able to interchange their outfits as much as they like. The inclusion of one male character, Hunter Huntsman, is a nice addition to add more variety to the set.

What Others are Saying about the Ever After Rebel and Royal Dolls

These dolls have only been available for a short period of time, but the customers reviews are already extremely positive. On Amazon they are receiving an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Comments mention the detailed clothes and accessories, the unique storyline as the children of fairytale characters, and the easy to play with features of the dolls.

Most also commented that their daughters instantly fell in love with them. For those who already have dolls from the Monster High collection, it was noted that those who love playing with that collection are enjoying these just as much. The only noted complaint was that the hair on one of the dolls was not as smooth as they would have liked.

The Verdict

The Ever After Rebel and Royal Dolls are going to be a hot item this Christmas season. They take the fairytale characters that every girl loves and add a whole new dimension to them. With the extremely reasonable price of around $20-$25, it will be easy to collect all six. The storyline is already started for you. All you have to do is decide where it is going to go next!

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