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EyeClops Mini Projector


The Eyeclops Mini Projector puts big-screen projection capability in the palm of your hand.

It’s easy to create your own home theater — just connect your favorite media player or game console to the Eyeclops’ audio-video inputs (connector cables not included), turn on the power, and aim the projector at a wall or ceiling.

With mini projector’s built-in speakers and a projected screen size of up to 60 inches, your favorite movies and video games will take on a whole new look and sound!

If you are looking for the perfect gift that can be used for different purposes and still provide hours of fun, you should look at the EyeClops Mini Projector. This projector is compatible with several different media and allows you to project it up to 60.” It is small enough to fit in the palm of your hands, which means you can bring it anywhere.

Features of Eyeclops Mini Projector

  • Lightweight – this projector is only 2 pounds which means it will be easy to carry around when you are on the road or traveling. You don’t have to worry about extra baggage slowing you down.
  • Works with any type of media player – From your TV to your ipod, you can hook the EyeClops Mini projector. You can project movies, shows, and even games for everyone to watch.
  • Super LED lights – For a more powerful illumination to make viewing easier and more convenient. LED lights are durable and mercury free and can last much longer than other kinds of lights.
  • 60” projection – You can project your game or video up to 60”. If you have a large group wanting to watch something, you can make it big enough to view. However, if you want to avoid disturbing someone, you can project a smaller image, but still be able to view your game or show. Watching your video on the ceiling while lying down has never been easier.
  • Indoor or outdoor usage – This device is great if you want to spend time with your friends and family by watching a movie or show. If you’re camping or outdoors, you can avoid boredom by watching a video or playing a game that allows everyone to view it.
  • Built-In Speakers – This is great if you’re traveling because you don’t need to bring extra speakers that will just take up more room. You can also share what you are listening to with others instead of attaching a headset or earphones to it.

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The Eyeclops Mini Projector works with DVD players, video game consoles, handheld devices, and more! The projector’s simple, kid-friendly features include a pivoting arm for adjusting the projection angle, a volume control, and a focal adjustment. Unlike other larger projectors, the Eyeclops doesn’t get hot, so it’s safe for kids to handle.

Whether you’re projecting a film on the ceiling of your bedroom or a video game inside of your tent, the key to a clear image is a dark environment. Kids will find that even a little daylight makes the screen dim and blurry. For best results, the projector should be positioned within several feet of the projection surface, and all light sources should be covered.

Because the Eyeclops Mini Projector‘s on-board speakers may not provide the same quality of audio that your home speakers do, the projector features a mini-jack audio output that allows you to connect it to headphones or external speakers. Additionally, while standard RCA cables (not included) are sufficient to connect most devices to the Eyeclops, certain media players and handheld devices may require special connector cables that can be purchased separately.

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