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FIJIT Friends

FIJIT Friends

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★★

One of the newer toy series that is hitting the shelves this year is the FIJIT Friends toy series. If you haven’t heard about FIJIT Friends, you aren’t alone.

This new line of novelty toys from Mattel is poised to be one of the hit series of the coming year, and learning about them now will help you keep up with the toy trends that your child is going to be talking about.

FIJIT Friends are the latest doll-like toy from Mattel, and they are made for young girls who love tech, cuteness, and a lot of laughter. Each FIJIT Friend has a personality of its own.

Some of them, such as Willa, are more sassy, fashion-minded, and loves to laugh. Serafina, on the other hand, is a FIJIT which simply loves to be a sweet, caring friend for your daughter to hold. Sage, one of the other FIJIT Friends available, is an adventurer. FIJIT Friends really do come to life with a little bit of love and care from your daughter.

What We Like About FIJIT Friends

FIJIT Firends WillaWhat makes FIJIT Friends different from every other toy line in the industry is the fact that they do a lot of different things. They tell jokes (over 100, to be exact), they dance, and even come with a built in nightlight for girls who are still a little bit spooked by the dark.

FIJIT Friends are specially designed to recognize different beats, different kinds of music, as well as different voices. This means that your daughter will actually have a toy that can tell the difference between your voice and hers. They all have fun surprises to offer your daughter, and their soft skin allows them to move realistically.

FIJIT Firends sageIt’s easy to see why FIJIT Friends get a lot of attention from parents – they are different. They don’t look like your average toy, or doll. They also don’t act like a typical doll that you would find on the market. It’s a surprise and a have to see such an innovative toy being bought by parents left and right.

Music is something that every FIJIT seems to enjoy! It doesn’t matter whether your daughter loves listening to the latest pop hits, or loves listening to rock – your FIJIT will be bopping to the beats just as much as your daughter! Their faces light up along to the music, or when they are excited. This is a toy that just loves to be loud, and is proud about it. Together, your daughter and her FIJIT Friend will have a lot to dance about for hours on end.

Girls Love FIJIT Friends

FIJIT Friends dancingRight now, FIJIT Friends are being pleaded, begged, and asked for by girls around the country. As far as interactive toys go, the FIJIT Friends line is one that has gained a lot of attention, and for good reason.

After all, who hasn’t wanted to have a toy that actually can hold a conversation with you? The excellent voice recognition that FIJIT Friends have allows them to respond to your questions, commands, and greetings. In fact, certain FIJIT Friends can (and will) call over your daughter to play.

If you have a daughter who needs a special plush friend of her own, this is an excellent choice. FIJIT Friends are interactive, innovative creations, and have already gotten a lot of praise from parents and children alike. Some people are even calling these fun, unique toys “this generation’s Furby.” Ready to get a Christmas present your daughter will adore? Then you are going to need to buy a couple of FIJIT Friends for this holiday season.

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