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Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★★

Every little boy or girl wants a friend to talk to and play with and what is better than one that can fit in your pocket or on your finger so you can take it with you anywhere you go and have someone to play with at any time. There is always that special friend you can talk to and tell your secrets to.

Taking interaction to a smaller level, the Fingerlings – Interactive Baby Monkey can always be at your fingertips and is ready to talk any time you please. The Fingerlings: Interactive Baby Monkey loves to swing along with you no matter where you go and is just irresistible.

Features of Fingerlings

  • Grasping firmly to your fingertip, these adorable little interactive monkeys love to blow you kisses and chatter in monkey lingo.
  • The Baby Monkey responds to sound motion and touch in special ways that will delight your child.
  • These Fingerlings have little Mohawks that vary in color and are available in 6 different colors
  • Requires 4 lithium batteries that are included
  • Recommended age 5-15 years

  • Made of durable plastic material

Why We like Fingerlings: Interactive Monkeys

The Baby Monkey loves swinging by its tail from your finger especially with other Fingerlings. As you pet them, they start to coo and blink happy little eyes. They really appreciate some loving from their owners, simulating real beings.

Blowing kisses is one of their favorite things to do and they want you to blow them plenty of them. With an impressive forty animations and sound effects, the Fingerlings Baby Monkey has plenty to say and will chatter away to you in its own special monkey language and if there is more than one, they well chatter to each other as well.

Fingerlings - Interactive Baby MonkeyInteractive Baby Monkeys need rest just like any baby so just cuddle them in the palms of your hands and gently rock them. Soon your little baby drifts happily off to sleep. This feature is particularly appealing to children with nurturing instincts.

What Others Are Saying About Fingerlings

Caring for these captivating babies can bring quite a sense of satisfaction to your children as they spend time playing with them talking to them and putting their babies down for a nap. One mother is said to have bought one for her daughter specifically for the sleeping mode so her daughter can cuddle and rock it.

There is a concern the paint rubs off of the hands and feet sooner than expected and not unlike many plastic moving parts, the tail and arms can be weak, but the overall review for this toy ranks is solid.

The Verdict

Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkey is sure to delight both son and daughter and even provides the educational value of learning about caring for someone or something. When they blow a kiss it will turn any frown upside down and as your child cuddles their precious playmate and watch it drift off to sleep they are sure to feel that sense of pride for having cared for their friend.

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