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Fisher-Price Imaginext Supernova Battle Rover

Imaginext Supernova Battle Rover

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★★

Fisher-Price is a very popular brand of toys known for the high-quality products they offer, and this Supernova Battle Rover does not disappoint! It is a full-size toy and the pictures do not give a clear picture of the awesome size except those that show it next to a child.

The whole Battle Rover is about the size of a ride-on toy designed for 2-3 year old toddlers. It is a fully detailed, 2-in-1 toy that will spark a child’s imagination for hours of endless play.

In the eyes of a child, the Supernova Battle Rover is a giant vehicle big enough to explore Mars and the galaxy. It also has a Space Shuttle docked onboard that removes for separate play when desired. This one toy has so many details and characteristics that it is definitely one of the hottest toys on Christmas wishlists.

Features of Imaginext Supernova Battle Rover

  • The 2-in-1 giant vehicle with detachable space shuttle
  • Disc launchers & projectiles on both parts
  • 19 lighting effects
  • More than 200 unique sounds and spoken phrases
  • Alien-detection chamber with lights
  • Child-activated controls
  • Pull-out drill, crane, and saw blade
  • 2 space troopers figures with helmets
  • 1 small robot figure
  • 1 one-eyed alien figure
  • Small vehicle for troopers to use
  • Big storage area to stow captured aliens, tools, weapons, etc.
  • Integrates with other Imaginext toys
  • Disc-turned vehicle ramp built-in
  • Disc-turn activation to trigger alien-detector and lights

What Do We Like About Supernova Battle Rover

Supernova Battle RoverAny young astronaut or space explorer would be absolutely thrilled to have a Battle Rover of their very own to play with in many different ways.

It has a control panel designed for children to operate as they are playing with the vehicle and its neat space shuttle. It launches projectiles in the middle of galazy battles, and it also comes equipped with an alien detector room that lights up whenever aliens are present!

With more than 200 special sound effects and 19 different lights, there is plenty of light and noise action to keep the interest of a child for hours of imaginative play.

Galaxy adventures are never more fun than they are with this surprisingly detailed, gigantic, space-exploring vehicle. With it many different lights, sounds, alarms, etc., anything a child’s imagination can think of being part of a space battle is represented on the Supernova Battle Rover. All of the high-quality construction materials used to create this space-age toy meet the high durability standards that Fisher-Price toys are known for, so your rough-and-tumble space explorers can hunt aliens and do battle to their heart’s content.

While adults may not be quite as happy about all the amazing sound effects that can be triggered with the toy, the sounds are probably the favorite characteristic of most children – including my own. But the sounds that hold a child’s attention for playing with the colossal vehicle are part of the package that means they will be occupied for hours with the Battle Rover.

The storage compartment is also very handy – especially for children (or their parents!) who want to keep their toys safe and put away when not being played with. The storage ensures the baby or the family dog won’t carry off the small pieces when unattended.

The Verdict

Overall Imaginext Supernova Battle Rover is an all-inclusive toy that is enjoyed when a child is playing alone, and it is also great for several children to enjoy playing with it together. The versatility provided by the parts of the giant vehicle really stimulates an interest in all things space, and your child will make up all kinds of galactic adventures through his own imagination combined with the Supernova.

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