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Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Chair

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Chair

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★★

With three stages of technology for learning, Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Chair is a great buy for children from 1 to 2. It is the perfect way to teach vocabulary, songs and more while your child simply thinks that they are taking a seat.

It offers a whole new set of phrases and sounds with each stage and is designed to grow with your child. There are activities like a flip book and a remote control and is the perfect spot for your little one to sit and read, color or just take a load off.

Children learn best through play and that is just what this Smart Stages Chair offers. It’s not just a toy but a chair and a learning tool.

Features of Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Chair

  • 50 + learning songs, phrases and tunes
  • Three stages of technology grow with your baby:
  • 1. 12+ months: Simple activations, cause and effect and phrases like “up” and down”
  • 2. 18+ months: The phrases and vocabulary become more difficult and counting and opposites are introduced
  • 3. 24+ months: Pretend play is encouraged with peek-a-boo and pretending to be animals, etc.
  • Perfect size for small child
  • Sturdy and durable

What We Like About Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Chair

Learning is best for small children when it is interactive and play-based. Small children and toddlers simply do not learn best from books and flash cards and will become antsy or bored with “lessons.”

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages ChairToys like Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Chair encourage learning without forcing a child to sit still or memorize things. It is a natural process and quite fun and entertaining.

Learning songs, phrases and skills are built in to the play and the child learns and becomes more imaginative without even knowing it.

Imaginative play and pretend games are incorporated at the 3rd level which is around the time that your child will become interested in such activities.

Each stage is perfectly designed for its age range. Education and fun all in one is the best way to go.

What Other People Are Saying About Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Chair

Most people love the Smart Stages Chair for their children. They think it is a great learning tool and their kids love it. Some people complain about assembly but, once it is assembled, it is sturdy and durable and delivers everything it promises. As a matter of fact, there are all well over 50 songs and words. One customer actually counted over 80. As the child grows, the toy grows with it. Buyers love this because toys are expensive and finding a toy that will last for a while is always a great deal.

The Verdict

You will not regret purchasing Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Chair for your toddler and, as the months go by, you will love watching your child progress right along with the toy. In general, this toy is awesome for small children. It teaches, encourages play and fosters imagination and fun. What else could you possibly want from a toy? It is also quite durable and sturdy which means it can withstand your toddler. Any parent who has had to throw out many broken toys can appreciate this.

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