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Fisher-Price Master Moves Mickey

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

Fisher-Price Master Moves Mickey

Mickey Mouse is back! Only this Mickey Mouse has definitely advanced right along with pop culture.

Fisher-Price Master Moves Mickey has all the recognizable features of the beloved Mouse, but this Mickey can move! And not just move – Mickey dances like nobody’s business. He knows over 15 dance moves that he arranges as he goes along with the feet-moving music playing.

Mickey can do an unbelievable handstand that you would never expect to see from a toy and then pop right out of the handstand into a 360! All your child needs to do is watch Mickey dancing and they will not be able to avoid dancing themselves. Mickey dances to original track music as well as favorite remixes and dances to “The Mouska Mix”, “The Handstand”, “The Windmill”, etc.

Features of the Master Moves Mickey

  • Mickey has over 15 different dance moves to use in his own unique combinations.
  • He plays both original tunes geared to his dance moves as well as old favorites remixed like “M-to-the-I” and “Who’s Da Mouse”.
  • Mickey dances through spins and turns and all sorts of movements that compliment his one-hand stand move and 360 degree spin among others.
  • It is designed for children between the ages of 2 and 6 but can still be enjoyed by older and younger children.
  • Mickey is 15 inches tall and big enough to dance with your child and help him or her develop better and better gross motor skills through dance and also how to experience cause and effect by the song changing nose press and which dance moves work and which ones will cause a wipe out.
  • The dancing attire is cute and makes this dancing Mouse stylish and entertaining.

What We Like About Fisher-Price Master Moves Mickey

We love how children (and adults) of all ages just can’t stay still when Mickey is dancing his heart out. It is also great for children who have rhythmically challenged parents who struggle to teach dance moves and beats to children they want to see enjoy rhythmic movement more than their parents were able to.

Master Moves MickeyA small thing, but we also appreciated Mickey came with batteries already installed. All we needed to do was pull the strip that allows battery activation, and once it’s removed, Mickey was ready to dance.

The sheer surprise on the face of small children who would never expect a toy to dance like Master Moves Mickey was an absolute joy to see – especially when they soon couldn’t help but join in and start dancing with Mickey in such energetic fun.

It was rather amusing to watch the family dogs and their own reaction to such a crazy thing. One soon joined in the fun of dancing while the other decided it was much safer on a couch in another room!

This Mickey is known as the M3 and wears cool dance clothes as he gets down and boogies. Master Moves Mickey is a high-energy toy that never stops – just press his nose to change to the next foot-stomping song and dance on.

Not only will your child dance the wiggles out with Mickey, but Master Moves Mickey will actually teach 4 different dances that are taught interactively between your child and Mickey. Nothing like having your own pint-sized dance instructor and playmate to give hours of fun to any child in the vicinity when Mickey starts to dancing.

What Customers Say About Master Moves Mickey

One of the common recommendations people made for Master Moves Mickey is it’s worth its weight in gold in entertainment value when children are cooped up inside because of poor weather outside. Definitely ideal for a Christmas present and to be enjoyed during school break or anytime children are sitting around bored and can’t get the wiggles worked out through outdoor play.

The Bottom Line

While the price for Fisher-Price Master Moves Mickey may seem a little high, it doesn’t take long to realize that it is worth every penny once being enjoyed by your own favorite little “mouse”. Fortunately, Amazon is running a sale during the holidays with 46% off the factory direct price plus free shipping.

Mickey will have your child dancing to fun and funky beats in no time and soon your child will have his own dance moves to show you from the dance lessons Master Moves Mickey provides.

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