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Furby Connect

Furby Connect

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★★

Remember the old school Furby toys from years ago? Relive the Furby experience combined with Bluetooth Smart technology and experience your Furby synched to your favorite mobile device. This Furby links with its own digital app world and allows you to watch videos, listen to music, hear Furby phrases, and much more.

Furby Connect has expressive LCD screen eyes that display animations which indicate a variety of emotions. This Furby also says more than 1,000 phrases while taking interaction to the next level. If you find another Furby friend, they can even talk to each other and communicate.

The Furby Connect app is regularly updated to ensure an ongoing stream of new interactions for you and your Furby friend. If your Furby seems tired, simply place a sleep mask over their eyes and allow them to get some beauty rest.

Features of Furby Connect

  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • The Furby Connect World app allows you to explore the world and connect with your Furby
  • Uses Bluetooth Smart technology to sync with a compatible device
  • This Furby can express itself with more than 150 color LCD eye animations
  • Put Furby to sleep by placing the sleep mask over its eyes
  • Requires 4 AA batteries

What We Like About Furby Connect

One of the most interesting features of the Furby Connect is the depth of expression and communication inherent in the interactions within the app world.

The Furbies of Christmas past were interactive with users on some level, incorporating speech and language. However, the Furby connect syncs with a device to interact and communicate with the user in its entire own world created for Furbies.

Furby ConnectIn the app, users can watch videos with their Furby and see their reactions. Users can also feed their Furby with a virtual food cannon and interact with other Furbies around the world. The app world takes the Furby to the next level of interaction and connection with a user.

The LCD eye animations are a great way for Furby Connect to express a variety of emotions to children while they experience play in the app world. Furby Connect allows children to experience language play and development through interacting with their Furby. Also, Furby Connect allows children to connect with other Furbies around the world to explore a truly global Furby experience.

What Others Are Saying About Furby Connect

Overall, many customers report that they enjoy how the manufacturer enhanced the original Furby design. They were able to combine new technology while improving upon the beloved features of the original Furby.

The Furby Connect app has really enhanced the interactions available to Furby users. Many reviews state that customers love how their Furby Connect can interact with other Furbies. One review stated that the customer loved the way their Furby sang together with other Furbies.

A few users have reported issues with connecting and syncing their Furby with a mobile device. There are also a few concerns about updating the app and fully accessing new features.

The Verdict

Overall, customers have been extremely happy with this new edition Furby Connect. The manufacturer has maintained and enhanced the original Furby features while increasing the potential for interaction and entertainment in the virtual app world. Although there have been a few issues with syncing to devices and app updates, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Furby Connect serves as a great product for those seeking entertainment, connection, interaction, and app play.

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