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FurReal Friends furReal Roarin’ Tyler The Playful Tiger

FurReal Friends furReal Roarin' Tyler The Playful Tiger

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★☆

Owning a pet can be not only a great learning experience but also very rewarding for a child. Unfortunately, sometimes it can also be unrealistic. Owning an exotic pet can make your child the talk of the block. The FurReal Roarin’ Tyler, the Playful Tiger does that and so much more. Along with its very own favorite squeaky toy, this fuzzy fierce little tiger is ready to roar its way through the day with your child at any time or cuddle next to them in sleep.

From its inquisitive huge eyes to the furry tip of its tail, the FurReal Roarin’ Tyler is just too adorable and ready to play.

Features of the furReal Roarin’ Tyler

  • FurRealRoarin’ Tyler responds to your voice with over 100 sound and motion combinations
  • Has movable back legs and plush fur to allow for lots of hugging
  • Includes Tyler’s personal squeaky toy
  • 4 x 1. 5v C alkaline batteries are required for this toy but are not included
  • Recommended for ages 4 years and up

The Playful Tiger We Adore

FurReal Roarin’ Tyler is the pet any child could not help but fall in love with. He is filled with eagerness to play, loves to roar and can never get enough cuddles. This playful little tiger wants to learn to roar like a big tiger and needs your child’s help.

FurReal Friends furReal Roarin' Tyler The Playful Tiger Tyler responds in different ways to being patted on the forehead, back and muzzle with an amazing 100+ sound and movement combinations, ensuring your child won’t want to stop petting him.

Try roaring at the Playful Tiger and watch him bow and roar back like a big tiger. His movable back legs make it easy to hug, cuddle or just have your little tiger sit on your lap.

What Others Are Saying About The Roarin’ Tyler

Tyle can move his eyes, mouth, tail, head and ears, with the response dependent on where he is touched and what sounds your child makes. Tyler also really loves to roar, all of which provides hours of delightful entertainment for your child. Other than roaring, Tyler also loves his very own squeaky toy and is thrilled when your child takes the time to play with him.

FurReal Roarin’ Tiger is happy just to sit next to your child and keep them company just as long as they remember to pat him and give him a roar now and then. This toy takes the pastime of owning a stuffed animal and transforms it into an interactive pet you won’t be able to resist, and provides your child with a pet easy to care for and easy to love.

In Conclusion

Nap time or bedtime well be a breeze when your child is tucked snugly in with their friend right next to them. FurReal Roarin’ Tyler is a good friend for either girls or boys and is happy to play with anyone any time. This happy go-lucky little tiger is sure to steal any heart, young or old. The level of interaction and emotion makes the toy worthwhile and is sure to delight younger ones.

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