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FurReal Friends Torch My Blazin’ Dragon

FurReal Friends Torch My Blazin’ Dragon

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

Every small child enjoys dragons, especially if they’re cute and cuddly. The FurReal Friend’s Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon by Fur Real Friends is an absolutely adorable toy that melts the heart of both the mother and its new-found friend.

With a plush, furry outer coat hiding its mechanical parts, it’s completely huggable, winning the affection of the child even when its interactive components have not been turned on.

My Blazin’ Dragon responds to over fifty voice and touch commands, coos, growls and breathes fire. It comes with an accessory marshmallow on a stick that turns brown when held against the harmless red mist and led light flame.

Features of FurReal Friend’s Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon

  • Plush Outer Body
  • Simple Interactive Design
  • Contains water tank for breathing flame colored mist
  • Touch stimulated facial expressions
  • Color change treat
  • Uses four C batteries for long term play

What’s We Like About My Blazin’ Dragon

My Blazin’ Dragon is so cute, it would be a favorite stuffed toy even without the interactive design. The eyes are very large, shiny and expressive. Children can activate responses simply by touching the nose. It coos, growls, chortles, burps and sneezes, all in a sweet baby dragon voice.

FurReal Friends Torch My Blazin’ DragonIts fire breathing abilities are especially impressive. The mist is created by filling its inbuilt tank with water, and brought to roaring life through an LED light buried in its open mouth.

My Blazin’ Dragon is ideal for children aged five to seven as both an interactive devise for maintaining short attention spans and as a toy buddy. With a bumpy spinal ridge, tufts to the ears and tail and a giant smile, it caters well to that special age when children believe in enchantment and very friendly dragons.

What Others Are Saying About My Blazin’ Dragon

Parents state that their children become excited about FurReal Friend’s Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon before it’s even taken out of the box, and that it appeals to both young girls and young boys. One mother claimed her son carries the toy around like a teddy bear, even when its interactive features are not in use.

The four C batteries needed to operate the toy are not included, so parents advise buying the batteries beforehand, as well as a small screw driver for opening the control box. Batteries will not have to be changed often and the water tank for creating the mist doesn’t have to be refilled until about fifteen uses. You’ll know the tank needs refilling when the dragon stops blowing mist.

The toy is not ideally suited for rough play, but brings out very tender responses in young children, making it a very good gift for shy or with-drawn children. It helps them through those awkward years when make-believe gives way toward more sophisticated toys. The toy is not recommended for children under five as it has small parts and accessories.

The Final Thought

The Blazin’ Dragon’s red mist flame is a welcome and wonderful innovation in fantasy animals and their interactive abilities, but its main appeal is in its adorable appearance. It’s the type of toy young children would naturally respond to, with its many playtime features a bonus gift that keeps them happy for hours. Presented as a soft, docile toy, it brings out the caring aspects in children and aids in establishing their confidence in the world around them.

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