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Gelarti Designer Studio

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

Gelarti Designer Studio

Gelarti Designer Studio is the perfect crafty gift for those young girls who exhibit an artistic flair, or a love for decorating and rearranging!

The project allows for children to paint their own wall stickers to be placed throughout their bedroom, on binders and books, or their windows.

Girls can give their childish pink walls a little tween spice, or give their personal items a sense of their own creative identity! Gelarti Designer Studio is a great way to let young girls express themselves!

Features of Gelarti Designer Studio

  • Gelarti Designer Studio lets girls decorate their own wall stickers with paint pens, glitter, and 3D accessories.
  • Includes designer studio, paint pens, glitter, 3D accessories, 6 sticker sheets, and an instruction booklet
  • Stickers are removable. They can be switched from one location to another after they have been placed
  • The manufacturer’s age recommendation for Gelarti Designer Studio is for children ages 5 and up.
  • Dimensions: 11.4 x 11.0 x 3.0, 1.2 pounds

What We Like About Gelarti Designer Studio

Gelarti Designer StudioGelarti Designer Studio allows for young girls to spend time working on a piece of artwork that can then be displayed in a way that gives character to their bedroom, laptop, or books.

Gelarti Designer Studio can be a fun and creative way to get younger girls to color within the lines. Knowing their work will be prominently displayed as real art everyone who walks into their room will notice, might help to motivate children into taking their time, and paying attention to fine details.

There are many ways young girls can have fun with Gelarti Designer Studio, from decorating the stickers, to deciding where they should go, to seeing them daily as part of her world

What Others Are Saying About Gelarti Designer Studio

While Gelarti Designer Studio has been rated for kids 5 and up, one customer finds that it’s best for girls between the ages of 5 and 10. Girls who are older than 10 years old tend to find the stickers to be too cutesy and the process of making them too childish.

Another customer thinks that while Gelarti Designer Studio provides hours of fun for her 5 year old, the painting process would go by too quickly for older and more advanced artists. She recommends that additional sticker paper be purchased if this is a gift for girls 8 to 10 years old.

An additional customer recommends the purchase of additional sticker paper if Gelarti Designer Studio is a gift meant to be shared, mentioning that sisters also race through the 6 sheets of sticker paper provided.

One customer mentions how easily the wall stickers come off and on multiple surfaces, stating that after being removed and replaced multiple times by her daughter who couldn’t decide where they would work best, the adhesive continues to hold

As Gelarti Designer Studio does not require brushes or water, one customer was delighted with how little of a mess coloring wall stickers create. The paint pens, 3D accessories, sticker sheets, and studio are easy to clean and put away.

The Bottom Line

Gelarti Designer Studio is one of the least expensive in-demand toys this season, ranging from $24.99 in retail stores to $45.50 on sites such as eBay. Amazon usually has the best price and includes free delivery with their Super Saving Shipping.

With pre-made wall stickers being sold in department stores and craft stores for nearly $50, and individually designed wall stickers coming in at twice that, Gelarti Designer Studio is well priced, and gives girls the opportunity to dive into the role of chief designer, as they take complete control of how they decorate their walls, windows, and personal items.

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