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Goldie Blox and The Spinning Machine

Goldie Blox and The Spinning Machine

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

Goldie Blox and the Spinning Machine is an innovative product targeted for young girls. This toy was created in hopes of encouraging girls to pursue studies and careers in the math and sciences as they traditionally are not marketed to within this academic field.

This particular product includes an interactive set of materials for children to build and engage with. Featuring Goldie, a young character enchanted by the world of creation and invention, this story and corresponding pieces are ideal for young girls with bright minds and parents looking to stimulate their children instead of providing them with stereotypical dolls for this upcoming holiday season.

Features of Goldie Blox and The Spinning Machine

  • Story book and construction pieces featuring the star character, Goldie.
  • 1 storybook, 5 animal figurines, 1 pegboard, 5 wheels, 10 axles, 5 blocks, 5 washers, 1 crank, 1 ribbon, 14 design templates
  • Builds spatial skills
  • Promotion of basic engineering principles
  • Increased confidence for children in problem solving

What We Like About Goldie Blox and The Spinning Machine

Perhaps the most promising aspect of the Goldie Blox is the fact that this toy features a girl who is interested in tinkering and toying with materials to reflect the visions of her imagination. Though girls are just as able to perform in math and science as boys, they often times are not marketed to, even as children.

Goldie BloxOften times there is a distinct separation for children and parents alike when it comes time to do Christmas shopping. The differences in color and storyline are striking and from an early age children are taught what is “appropriate” for them to play with and enjoy.

In this Goldie Blox set, the story book and The Spinnin Machine were created not only in hopes of bringing joy and entertainment to children but to instill the message that there is equality in the academic ability of both males and females.

What Goldie Blox and the Spinning Machine does is unique as it markets a typically unusual career to an even more unusual market: children.

What Customers Are Saying About Goldie Blox and The Spinning Machine

Other customers have given raving reviews. Either as gifts to their own children or gifts to others, customers have been fairly consistent in their positive reaction to this toy. It goes against the norm in terms of Goldie’s storyline and purpose and it manages to hold the attention of children because of its versatility.

Customers have expressed pleasant surprise at how well Goldie Blox is adaptable to the imagination of their children’s minds. As kids envision a new structure, Goldie Blox and the Spinning Machine set is able to adapt.

The Verdict

Overall, Goldie Blox and The Spinning Machine is a promising one and a purchase parents can make with confidence. With durable plastics for the rough and tumble nature of children and an unconventional storyline, this toy is sure to bring joy to both children and parents alike.

This toy can be purchased easily through Amazon around $30 and comes with an array of pieces. A positive message and a great toy to engage children, Goldie Blox may just be an ideal gift for your children this upcoming holiday season.

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