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Hatchimals – Hatching Egg

Hatchimals Hatching Egg

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

Spin Master brings the wonders of egg-hatching creatures into the living room with Hatchimals, a plush, robotic toy that brings hours of fun to children and parents alive. The charm begins the moment you open the box. Displayed inside is a bright, speckled egg that must be encouraged to hatch by holding it and helping it peck away the shell.

It’s like receiving a gift inside a gift. The Hatchimal inside the egg reacts with cooing sounds to the cradling touch. Its rainbow colored eyes will begin glowing when it’s ready to hatch.

The baby inside goes through three stages of growth; infant to toddler to little kid! Teach it to speak, to walk and dance and play games. With each transition in its life, it sings “hatchy birthday”, letting you know Hatchimal has reached a new stage.

Features of Hatchimals – Hatching Egg Interactive Creature

  • Hatchimal’s are interactive from egg to final “kid” stage
  • Evolving abilities to speak, dance and play
  • Suitable for small children aged five to seven
  • A good learning tool for teaching children the stages of growth
  • Three LR44 batteries are required and included in package
  • Color remains a surprise until egg hatches
  • Available in several different styles – Draggle, Burtle, BearaKeet,Owlicorn, & Penguala

Why We Like Hatchimals – Hatching Egg Interactive Creature

The fun really starts with the egg itself as it responds to the touch, even tapping back if you tap it. Since you don’t know the color it will be, the guess work is as exciting as encouraging the egg to hatch.

The Hatchimals have strong educational values. The child learns that care-taking begins at the very early stages; in this case, while still an egg waiting to be hatched.

As the Hatchimal goes through its three stages of growth, the child receives a few subtle lessons in early childhood development. Its capacity to learn speech and interact are dependent on what the child teaches it.

The toy has an off-on switch to save on batteries when not in use. It can also be reset if you want to begin teaching it from the baby stage again.

What Others Are Saying About Hatchimals – Hatching Egg Interactive Creature

HatchimalsParents state they had almost as much fun as their children in watching the egg hatch, revealing the surprise Hatchimal inside. One parent observed it was like a childhood dream come true as she always felt “hatched” toys should come out of an egg.

They also stated they like to allow their children to pick out their own eggs because they were positive they could guess the color inside, but weren’t disappointed if they were wrong. It was like guessing if you’re going to have a boy or a girl. You’re never disappointed, just surprised.

By handling the egg constantly, the process for the egg to hatch takes about twenty minutes, but for short attention span, the entire process from hatching to kid stage can be slowed down so that each interactivity is a new experience.

They also recommend buying an extra set of batteries as in those first hours of playtime, they will be extremely enthusiastic.

The Final Thought

The Hatchimal Hatching Egg Interactive Creature by Spin Master is an entertaining toy as well as a valuable tool for early child development. It’s an opportunity to teach your child about egg-hatching animals and gives them a responsive toy for raising from infant to a happy kid that talks, dances and plays.

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