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Hatchimals Surprise

Hatchimals Surprise

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★☆

The Hatchimals Surprise: Hatching Egg with Surprise Twin Interactive Hatchimal Creatures opens up a whole new world to interaction by supplying double the pleasure double the interaction in one egg that will delight and enthrall children from the moment they hatch these precious little creatures.

Features of Hatchmals Surprise

  • Available in 6 styles: Giraven, Peacat, Deeriole, Ligull, Puppadee, Zuffin
  • Rub your special speckled egg to start the hatching
  • Includes 2 Hatchimals, an Instruction Booklet and a Reference Guide.
  • 2 AA batteries and 3 LR44 button cells batteries are required and are included.
  • Recommended age is 5-7 years

What Charmed Us About Hatchimals Surprise

Interactive toys have long been a favorite among children and parents alike, especially ones that allow girls and boys the fun of raising and training a new interactive friend.
Imagine the pleasure of now being able to raise two creatures at a time.

When you rub your special speckled egg to start the hatching you will hear the sweetest sounds and as you play with the egg, you see rainbow eyes telling you it is time for the hatching.

Hatchimals SurpriseWhen your little critter has found its way out of the bright speckled egg, you will assist its twin and you are now ready for more fun. Each creature has its own separate personality where one well move and dance the other one well repeat everything you say.

These adorable twins love being together and are actually sad when they are apart to long and will call for its twin. Together they well tell each other jokes, engage in merriment, participate in games, and say “I love you”. Like many siblings, however, they can also argue and interact in conversation.

What Customers Are Saying About Hatchimals Surprise

As you raise your new friends from baby to toddler to kid, your critter continues learning in each stage. Upon reaching toddler, Twin B can now record you and repeat what was said back to you as you lift him. The unique thing about this is as you lift it higher, the higher the voice goes, and lifting it lower will lower the voice. These adorable little twins will bring endless hours of joy and entertainment to your little ones with their jokes, dancing, singing, as well as the opportunity to interact with them.

These brightly colored lovable twins excel in cuteness and offer your child a sense of satisfaction as they take the steps to raising their new friends. It teaches, on a subliminal level how language skills are built and developed.

In comparison to the original Hatchimal, some have suggested the product to be a bit inferior and a bit overpriced, but the ingenuity of having twins that actually interact is still appealing to most young children.

Our Verdict

The Hatchimals Surprise – Hatching Egg with Surprise Twin Interactive Hatchimal Creatures is dazzling from the brightly speckled egg to the irresistible twins nestled inside. The twins desire to communicate with each other and their ability to sing dance and tell jokes is as precious as can be and is sure to bring a smile to any child’s lips.

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