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Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½
Hedbanz Game

Hedbanz Board Game is a fun and fast paced game designed for anyone aged 6 and up. It is a great game that entire family can enjoy.

The game comes with 74 picture cards, 24 chips, 6 headbands, a sand-clock timer, and a rule sheet. Each card features an animal, food, or a common object.

These pictures are so cute and funny that it would be hard not to laugh. The game can be played with 2 to 6 players.

How To Play Hedbanz

The rule of Hedbanz is simple. First deal one card and 3 chips to each player. Then, without peeking, each player would take their card and place it in their headband. When it’s your turn, you would ask each player a question about who, or what you are, e.g. “Am I a food?”

If you get a yes, then you would as more specific questions like “Am I a fruit?” Your questions would get more and more specific until you are ready to guess “Am I a tomato?” You need to complete your run against the one-minute sand-clock timer so the game moves very quickly.

You’ll discard one of your chips for each identity you guess correctly. You’ll collect a chip from the chip bank and be dealt a new card if you give up. Be the first player to get rid of all your chips to be the Hedbanz winner.

Fun & Educational, Too

Playing Hedbanz allows children to flex their deductive reasoning skills with the game’s simple question-and-answer premise. By coming up with questions that will lead to answers and making the connections, kids will also lean creative and critical thinking skills.

Hedbanz has been one of the most popular Christmas gifts for kids this year; and for obvious reasons. If you are looking for an easy, simple, interesting game the entire family can participate, you can’t go wrong with Hedbanz.

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