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Hot Wheels Car Maker Playset

Hot Wheels Car Maker Playset

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★☆

Your little boy or car enthusiast will get a kick out of being able to craft their very own Hot Wheels car in less than ten minutes. The Car Maker Playset takes a simple colored wax stick and turns it into a completely functioning car that can be customized with sticker and decals.

This car making machine is easy to use and is perfect for kids ages 8 and up. The easy to follow lights and sounds help kids through the process so they can feel like the ultimate Hot Wheel mechanic. There is even music to accompany construction to encourage further imaginative play.

The kit comes with 10 sticks of wax in different colors, all you have to do is put the wax in the molds and let is heat up and cool down into the shape of your choice. Add the molded wax to the chassis, cover with stickers and hit the tracks!

Features of the Hot Wheels Car Maker Playset

  • Make a working car from wax in only a few minutes
  • Sure to please all ages
  • Sounds and lights guides children through the steps
  • Comes with 2 molds, 3 chassis, 10 wax sticks and 3 sheets of stickers
  • Wax heats and cools in 8 minutes
  • Great play for the imaginative child

What We Like Best About Hot Wheels Car Maker Playerset

Every little boy loves cars, even more so when they can build them from scratch. We like that this machine is a way for kids to get started with “moulding” which can then lead to building models down the road.

The heating system is safely inside the Car Maker Playerset kit, so you don’t have to worry about little hands getting burned while the wax is melting. In fact, for the whole 8 minutes it takes for the moulded car to cool, there is a features that prevents it from being opened.

The colours that come with the set are vibrant and allows kids to make the car of their dreams. Enterprising kids can even mix two colours by cutting the wax sticks in half and melting them together.

What Other Customers Are Saying

Hot Wheels Car Maker PlaysetOne grandparent said that he bought it for his 6 year old grandson. While he did like the idea of the toy, it wasn’t really for boys that small and he became frustrated waiting and not understanding the directions. Aside from that, with a little adult help, he was able to craft nice cars that he could decorate and boast about making himself.

On parent liked that there were voice prompts for the machine that helped guide his son through the toy making process. He noted that it takes 7 minutes to heat and melt the wax, and another 8 minutes for it to cool back down, not 8 total. Not a big deal, but something to consider when purchasing it for a hyperactive child.

The Verdict

We think Hot Wheels Car Maker Playset is a great interactive toy for little or young boys to be creative and get “hands” on this holiday season. The wax is made for moulding and the chassis fits the moulds when the car is allowed to cool properly.

One thing parents or anyone buying this should keep in mind is that these cars won’t look like the die cast hot wheels you see at the store. Of course they are not supposed to, they are made of wax, but that doesn’t mean that making them isn’t fun. The colouring options are great, and while you may think that each car will be one colour, the melting process leaves a little behind each time, which allows for a wonderful blend of colours that means no two cars will be the same.

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