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Hot Wheels Street Hawk Remote-Control Flying Car

Hot Wheels Street Hawk R/C Flying Car

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

The Hot Wheels Street Hawk Remote-Control Flying Car is an awesome combination of the nostalgia of the past with the much-loved Hot Wheels brand and the fantasy of travel of the future with cars that work on land and in the air.

The Street Hawk Flying Car is a remote-controlled car as well as a remote-controlled airplane — definitely a fun, futuristic toy to spark the imagination about what travel will look like in the future!

It offers great proportional steering in 360 degrees when driving on the ground, but maneuvers like a plane once it is airborne. It can fly up to about 200 feet high and accomplish great aerial movement that is to be expected from a Hot Wheels remote-controlled plane.

Hot Wheels Street Hawk Flying Car Features

  • Appropriate for children over the age of 5 and for any adult young at heart
  • Constructed from strong, durable materials that are also lightweight
  • 2-in-1 toy that is both a remote-controlled car and a remote-controlled airplane
  • Can fly up to around 200 feet in the air
  • 360 degree proportional steering when playing with it as a car on the ground
  • Cordless remote control
  • Comes with rechargeable battery in the car that can be recharged via a USB cord or the transmitter
  • Automatic safe landing if flown out of reach of the controller
  • Comes in a reusable package designed to make it easily portable
  • Up to 6 separate Street Hawks can be operated in the same area so children can play together

What We Like About Hot Wheels Street Hawk R/C Flying Car

Hot Wheels Street Hawk Flying CarThe toy offers the characteristics the Hot Wheels brand is known for as the Flying Car is made to be lightweight, yet extremely durable to handle the rigors of remote-controlled actions.

One really great aspect is the Street Hawk is designed to automatically land safely if it gets out of range of the control when flying. Anyone who is experienced with remote controlled planes knows that a plane is often destroyed because it is accidentally sent out of range and then just crashes to the ground – game over. But this is not the case with the Hot Wheels Street Hawk R/C Flying Car – your child can fly with confidence knowing he or she won’t lose it to a plane crash if it is flown out of range.

Hot Wheels has definitely stayed in tune with consumer desires and technology advances through the years! The Street Hawk Flying Car is much more sophisticated than the toys of my own childhood, and of course, my children (who are growing up in this technological age) have no problems enjoying it. While Hot Wheels is traditionally a brand more oriented to the interests of boys, my girls have just as much fun as the boys have playing with the Street Hawk. So much so that they soon grew tired of “sharing” with the boys and have been begging for their own.

What Customers Are Saying About Street Hawn Flying Car

Some people have mentioned the need to stay grounded when playing with the Street Hawk in windy weather. That is quite understandable considering the lightweight characteristic of the car that allows it to maneuver in the air so well. It can continue to be greatly enjoyed even when it’s windy because it is just as much fun to play with as a street car on the ground as it is to fly it in the air.

The Verdict

The Street Hawk Remote Controlled Flying Car is really a great gift option for children of both genders who are over 5 years old, but it can also be enjoyed by adults! Considering how much fun my children are having playing with the Street Hawk, I am seriously considering getting myself and my own dad one of our own to enjoy for Christmas.

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