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Just Dance 2014

Just Dance 2014

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★★

Dancing your feet off just gets more and more fun – especially with the new Just Dance 2014. This game is the most recent sequel for Just Dance 4 from the gamers at Ubisoft. It offers all the great features expected from any Just Dance game only with a whole new line-up of dance-worthy songs.

The game is played through a platform that is motion-controlled by you and your dance moves. You can dance to some great new pop hits if you want, but it also has some extra fun classics that makes it fun for everyone.

Features of Just Dance 2014

  • A World Dance Floor: This means you can connect and dance with people around the world who also have the game and want to dance online in themed dance competitions, or just for fun. Just Dance even has leader boards in order to track your place in the competitions around the world.
  • On Stage Mode: When you select onstage mode to play with, it makes you the star of your own performance. It can either be a solo performance where you dance or sing and dance alone, and it can also be a dance with you as the lead with two back-up singers. Definitely a fun mode for anyone who enjoys being a star in their own world and loves showing off!
  • Just Sweat Mode: This mode enables you to create your very own dance mix determined by how much exercise you want to get. The workouts you create are formed through your own choice of songs from the playlist, and it even tracks how many calories you burn! The new aspect of the this feature for Just Dance 2014 is the ability to track your caloric burn throughout ALL of the modes of the game if you want to – not just the Just Sweat Mode.
  • Great Variety of Dances for Each Track – One of the most valuable features any game can have is the ability to appeal to a broad spectrum of taste and preferences. Obisoft recognizes this well and provides many great dance choices in terms of choreography so that different individuals can find a dance that fits their own tastes whether it’s a 70-year old granny or a four year old bundle of energy – and everyone in between.
  • More Efficient Updates: Of course with any good, web-based technological toy, there are always improvements being made continuously which require updates either with the game technology itself or the music tracks it offers. Now you will find with 2014 Just Dance an immediate option to update the game or song choice whenever you chose a particular song. If you wish, the game can look for alternate versions if you want something different from the version provided.

What We Like About Just Dance 2014

Just Dance 2014The most exciting new feature of Just Dance 2014 is the capability to go online to play the game with anyone you choose around the world!

If desired, you can form dance parties, competitions, and virtual dance teams when multiple players unite at the same time through the world wide web.

Want to make a dancing routine of your own tailored to just how much effort you want to put out? You can make customized Just Sweat experiences so your party or dance workout is individually perfect just for you!

The Verdict

We love how well the Just Dance series of games manages to keep the things that work best in older versions while combining those features with new and innovative features for each new release. That gives everyone a mixture of familiarity coupled with excitement about something new ensuring each product is an instant success upon release.

Whether you are looking for an entertaining gift that will definitely be enjoyed frequently, or you love working out and dancing yourself, Just Dance 2014 is definitely a good choice that is well-worth every penny.

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