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Kidkraft Suite Elite Kitchen

Kidkraft Suite Elite Kitchen

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★★

Looking for a kitchen-themed Christmas gift? Kidkraft Suite Elite Kitchen may very well come up on your list.

Parents who are hoping to have the next Emeril Lagasse or Paula Deen love to browse for kitchen and cooking-related toys for their daughter’s next Christmas present.

The problem with most kitchen playsets is that they look like they were found in a garage sale. Finding a kitchen playset for your child that won’t look like it belongs in a yard sale, however, isn’t as easy as parents often hope it would be.

Wondering whether the Kidkraft Suite Elite Kitchen can withstand the test? Keep reading and you’ll find out.

Features of The Kidkraft Suite Elite Kitchen

The Kidkraft Suite Elite Kitchen is one of the most beautiful children’s toys on the market, and it looks like a real kitchen. This particular kitchen playset comes fully equipped with features like:

  • a bright and colorful red and white motif
  • a freezer, a stove, an oven, a microwave, and a sink
  • Dials included in this kit actually turn, and the doors to the freezer, microwave, fridge, and oven all open and close.

In a word, it gives children all the gear they need to get imaginative with their culinary play time.

Along with having a beautiful appearance, the Kidkraft Suite Elite Kitchen is made to last. If you have a lot of children, or are planning to have more children, buying the Suite Elite Kitchen is a good way to save money. Its durable frame will last for years.

What We Like About The Kidkraft Suite Elite Kitchen Set

Kidkraft Suite Elite Kitchen SetThe Kidkraft Suite Elite Kitchen is a great gift for parents of little girls (or boys) who have already shown an interest in cooking, playing pretend, or just being kids. Ideal for children who are 3 years old and up, the Kidkraft Suite Elite Kitchen is, plain and simple, a great toy for tots who need to have a place to play chef.

It should be noted that this toy is best used by children who have a deep creative side that needs to get out. With many of the children’s toys that currently flood the market, creativity doesn’t really come into play. In fact, some toys discourage children from coming up with their own ideas.

Child psychologists suggest that having toys that don’t have to be plugged in can help stimulate a child’s creativity. It’s important to “play pretend,” and by buying toys that encourage children to think in this way, you are helping your child develop the right way. This alone is a good reason why you should consider at least one “unplugged” toy such as the Kidkraft Suite Elite Kitchen for your child’s Christmas list.

The Bottom Line

It isn’t only the children who enjoy having Kidkraft Suite Elite Kitchen sets. Those who care for them enjoy the benefits that this toy brings. Parents who understand why creativity is so important tend to enjoy the benefits of having the Kidkraft Suite Elite Kitchen in their home, since children who play with their imagination often have higher grades later on in life. Educators who have kindergartens or preschools should also consider buying this must-have as a Christmas gift to their class.

Brick and mortar stores will be carrying the Kidkraft Suite Elite Kitchen this holiday season, but the markup that customers are going to be paying might not make it worth it to many hopeful parents. Still, it can be a bargain if you shop smartly. We found that Amazon currently has the lowest price for this item and you get free shipping as well.

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