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Kinect For XBOX 360

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★★
Kinect for XBOX 360

Kinect for XBOX 360 is a revolutionary way to play video games without the need for handheld controllers.

Just like in the movie Minority Report, this new technology dubbed, Motion Gaming, allows you to control the gaming environment by using grabbing and dragging gestures.

You interact with the XBOX 360 console as well as play video games just by moving your body.

Quick Overview

Kinect for XBOX 360 uses a sensor bar to track your body movement much like Nintendo Wii, but is much more sophisticated.

This sensor can also recognize your face and voice allowing you to sign on to the console without ever having to enter a username and password.

Unlike most handheld controllers where you are just controlling the superhero or villain, you actually become the character using your body’s full range of motion. This allows you to step into a virtual world and physically act out your characters movements and emotions.

Features of Kinect

Kinect and XBOX 360Kinect allows for personalized game play and an incredible in-game experience in which player’s faces are recognized.

You can speak to and greet other players in the game and the sensor can automatically log you into XBOX Live to connect with other gamers for a total gaming experience.

Kinect is sophisticated enough to remember voices and faces so you never have to recalibrate each time the unit is turned off and on.

Most controllers use 2-D controllers and cameras to initiate movement, but the Kinect tracks your body movement in 3-D allowing you to completely control the system without having to hold a bulky remote.

Kinect can detect and respond to different emotions and changes in your voice which makes game play even more exciting.

Why We Like Kinect For XBOX 360

XBOX 360 bundle with KinectOne of the benefits of Motion Gaming is that it gets game players off the couch and into the fun.

Unlike traditional gaming systems that keep you stationary in one spot for hours, the Kinect will have you laughing, moving and shaking.

Best of all it is a great social gaming experience that makes it fun to interact with your friends.

There is no need to be concerned about compatibility issues with older XBOX 360 gaming consoles as Kinect is backwards compatible and will work with all XBOX 360 consoles.

The Kinect comes with a Color VGA camera that has 640×480 pixel resolution @30FPS and 4 microphones to support the single speaker voice recognition features. You also get one Kinect game to get started.


Kinect and XBOX 360 bundleOverall, this is a very exciting product in the motion gaming arena that stands out above all other products.

Kinect allows kids and adults alike to get up off the couch and get into the action. Microsoft has done an excellent job with the XBOX 360 and this is nothing short of spectacular.

If you have a gamer on your holiday shopping list for Christmas gifts, you can feel confident that the Kinect for XBOX 360 will satisfy the most avid gamer.

Two of the most popular games for the Kinect are Kinect Sports and Dance Central with other titles coming out just in time for the holiday season. There is also a fitness game that will have you shedding the pounds in no time. This would also be a great gift for an after the holidays workout resolution.

This product is reasonably priced and will be a must have addition to your XBOX 360 gaming console. If you do not own an XBOX 360 then you definitely want to get the version that bundled XBOX 360 with Kinect.

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