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Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★★

Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp

Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp is the perfect toy this season for those girls who want to express their wild side! Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp can talk, sing, play games, tell jokes, and dance, with long, loopy, detachable hairdos that spin to her music.

Each hairdo comes with a different tune, and Harmony B Sharp won’t be shy about asking you for whatever hairdo she’s feeling that moment! Talkative, quirky, and fashionably dressed, she’s what so many young girls are looking for this Christmas.

Features of Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp

  • The Harmony B Sharp comes with 6 easily attachable hairstyles, all which play a different tune for her to sing and dance
  • The doll’s head, arms, legs, and hairdos can all spin
  • Comes with Harmony B Sharp doll, stage, hairpieces, fashionable outfit, shoes, kitty rattle, and clear purse
  • Has an ON and OFF switch
  • Requires 4 AA batteries which are included, however the instructions advise that the batteries be changed upon purchase
  • Age recommendation is 4 to 15 years old
  • Dimensions: 6.0 x 16.0 x 13.0 inches, 2.6 pounds

What We Like About Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp

The Harmony B Sharp is highly interactive, which gives her a real-life personality other dolls don’t have. Children can enjoy talking and playing games with her, watching her perform on stage, and getting her whichever hairpiece she wants. Her kitty rattle can also be used as a noise maker, so girls can contribute their own part to the doll’s songs.

In addition to Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp having a switch to turn her on and off, she also has a sleep mode, which prevents her from using battery life when she hasn’t been played with for a while, or if the switch has been left on

Since Harmony B Sharp will be asking for specific hairdos, it’s important that they all be kept together in one place where they can easily be found. The clear purse that comes included is the perfect tool to store the hairpieces, as well as teach young girls organization skills

The package comes with a blue, sparkling dress and shoes that can be taken on or off, so children can still play dress up with the doll as they would other dolls

Harmony B Sharp is one of many Lalaloopsy dolls, all which come with a pet and a personalized story of how they came to life. Children who enjoy singing and dancing with Harmony B Sharp can collect additional Lalaloopsy dolls

Any Negatives?

Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp will ask for specific hairpieces. While the clear purse allows for the hairpieces to be stored safely, their small size could still lead to them being misplaced. Not being able to provide Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp will the correct hairpieces could lead to a frustrated or bored child

While there is a switch to turn Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp on or off, as well as a sleep mode for when she isn’t being used, this doll is chatty! Girls will love having the ability to interact with the doll, but parents should be aware before making the purchase that Harmony B Sharp is full of life and energy!

The Verdict

With Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp being such an in-demand toy this season, the price for her ranges from $60 to over $100 on eBay. Amazon prices her the lowest and offers free shipping. Do check the latest prices as they can fluctuate quite a bit during the holiday shopping season.

Overall, customers seem to be happy with the lower price points, finding Lalaloopsy Harmony B Sharp to be high in value, and worth dollars spent.

This is a great gift for girls between 4 and 10 years old. Their excitement when they first attach the hairpieces to Harmony B Sharp’s head will keep them amused for hours.

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