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Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Doll – Crumbs Sugar Cookie

Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Doll Crumbs Sugar Cookie

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★☆

The once upon a time rag dolls, have been transformed with the every stitch sewed on them, creating dolls with a personality. This modern rag dolls called the Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Doll is loved by many little girls today.

For generations girls have played with adorable rag dolls and Lalaloopsy is no different.

Crumbs Sugar Cookie Lalaloopsy doll has button eyes, pose-able arms, dangling legs and to top it up they have bendable hair which is fun and easy to style. Lalaloopsy silly hair dolls have been created with a plastic base giving them a hefty weight.

Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Doll Crumbs Sugar Cookie Features

  • Each Lalaloopsy doll is accompanied with a pet which has a bendable tail.
  • The dolls have a wacky hair do which can be twisted, curled, straightened and bend making it fun for the little girls.
  • Each doll comes with a styling hair brush, six hair beads and four clips.
  • Various silly-hair styles.
  • Clothes and shoes which can be removed when playing.
  • Each Lalaloopsy silly hair doll comes with its own certification and poster.

Each doll has its birth date (the day it was stitched last) stamped on it making it easy for the girls to determine how old the doll is when playing.

Other than crumbs sugar cookie, other famous Lalaloopsy hair dolls available includes Mittens Fluff-n-stuff, Tippy Tumblelina, Misty Mysterious, Marina Anchor, Blossom Flowerpot, Dot Starlight and Jewels Sparkles among others.

These dolls have different personalities obtained from the fabrics used to create them. To make this dolls feel more at home there are various accessories you can purchase like the carrying play set, Lalaloopsy Tree House among many others.

What We Like About Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Doll

  • These dolls are durable and not like the previous old rag dolls, these dolls are created using a hard plastic and can survive the harsh treatment the little girls might give them.
  • The clothes on the doll are easy to remove and then dress the doll back again, even for the youngest girls. The clothing style on these dolls is different from the one on the Barbie dolls.
  • The Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Doll Crumbs Sugar Cookie is very cute and lovable.

Any Negatives?

The doll is not recommended for girls aged three years and below. This is because of the package comes with very small parts which the girls can swallow. MGA entertainment the producers of these dolls recommend the doll fit for girls between age six to twelve.

The Bottom Line

The major fun your little girl can have with this doll is in the bendable wacky hair style with the styling accessories in the package. Many girls love copying and helping their mums when they are doing their hair, so with this package the girls can play the hair dressing game, using hair beads, clips and the styling brush.

With this doll, it is very easy to do many hair styles like the twisted, curly, straightened hair styles plus even decorate the hair using the various hair beads.

Another thing about the Lalaloopsy silly hair doll is that after styling it; you can start all over the next time and give the doll a different hair style. If you are looking for Christmas gifts for young girls, this doll is certainly a great choice.

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