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Leapfrog LeapBand

Leapfrog LeapBand

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★★

Fitness trackers have become increasingly popular with adults and are a great way to track activity and to make sure and get in your exercise. LeapFrog LeapBand is one of the first very fitness and activity trackers for kids.

With childhood obesity reaching epidemic proportions in America, it is a fact that children are less active than ever. They spend so much time indoors and playing with electronics. LeapBand, however, allows your child to get their “tech fix” and to also get some exercise while having tons of fun. The wearable tracker is simple, straightforward and designed for children 4 to 7.

Features of LeapFrog LeapBand

  • 50 activity challenges like: “leap like a lion,” “jump like a kangaroo,” “do a silly chicken dance,” “march like an elephant,” “wiggle like a bug.”
  • Fosters gross motor skills
  • Teaches nutrition
  • Teaches time telling
  • Helps with counting skills
  • Games that help you to create fitness challenges or choose healthy foods
  • Rewards for meeting goals
  • Virtual Pets
  • Parental controls
  • Kid-tough
  • School mode and night mode – they cannot play with the games but the tracker still tracks their activity

What We Like About LeapFrog LeapBand

In this day and age, kids are hooked on electronics. Of course, so are adults. That’s not always a bad thing but can be an issue when it limits activity and creates lack of fitness and weight gain issues. That is why LeapFrog LeapBand is so great. It’s like a video game that will help your child get in shape. That’s so cool and really ingenious.

LeapFrog LeapBandThe coolest part may be that you can set it up with school and night modes. That way the kids can’t play with it or use it but it still tracks motions. It also helps with gross motor skills, time telling, self-confidence and making independent and healthy choices. If you want your child to start out life on the right foot, fitness-wise then LeapBand is what you need!

What Other People are Saying About LeapBand

Most parents love LeapBand. It is interactive, fun and so much better than a video game or TV show. It allows kids to take charge of their own fitness and make good choices which builds self-confidence and encourages independence.

Some people complain that set up LeapBand took too long and that some children have difficulty using it when they get started. However, most kids pick it up quickly and a long set up (although a slight inconvenience) is a small flaw in light of the toy’s numerous awesome qualities.

The Verdict

LeapFrog LeapBand a great wearable that will keep kids active and allow them to become fit and healthy without feeling pushed into it. No child wants to do tedious exercises but this toy makes fitness fun, easy and silly. It is a great way to get your kid up off of the couch. LeapBand an awesome toy to have on hand for rainy days when you want the kids to get moving and is the best way to encourage healthy choices without forcing anything or creating body image issues.

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