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LeapFrog LeapTV Educational Active Video Game System

LeapFrog LeapTV Educational Active Video Game System

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★★

This is more than just a toy and definitely more than just a video game system for kids. The LeapFrog LeapTV is a whole new way to make learning fun.

It is also designed to get kids up and off of the couch and moving with the use of a camera that captures their movements. In that mode, they do not even need a controller.

There is also a more traditional play mode using a controller as well as pointer mode which combines the use of the controller with a more active game play.

If you are looking for something for your child to do indoors but don’t want to encourage “couch potato” behavior then LeapTV just might be the answer.

Features of LeapFrog LeapTV Educational Active Video Game System

This video game system is designed specifically for small children. They will learn letters, numbers and other early skills as well as get exercise and work on problem solving. These types of fun early learning experiences will set them up for a lifelong love of learning.

  • 3 Modes of Play: Body Motion Play, Pointer Play, Classic Control Play
  • Teaches: Reading, Mathematics, Science, Problem Solving
  • Comes with a game: Pet Play World
  • Compatible with: Over 80 videos, 9 game cartridges, 24 game downloads
  • Games are developed with beloved characters
  • Games are designed be educators and experts
  • Multiplayer games available for siblings and friends to get in on the fun
  • Camera included in console
  • Easy set-up

What We Like About LeapFrog LeapTV

There is a lot to like about this educational video game system. It is compact, easy to use and made with small children in mind. There is no risk of inappropriate or violent games and the children are learning while they play.

LeapFrog LeapTVPerhaps the best feature is the ability to use “Body Motion Play” which gives kids the ability for hands-free active and fun play and learning. They can jump, hop, run and tip-toe through obstacle courses or practice their karate chops or scuba diving all from the comfort of your living room.

LeapTV makes a great gift for Christmas because while it may be cold or snowy outside your kids can be getting exercise and learning inside.

What Other People are Saying About LeapTV

People are impressed with the learning experiences and fun that their preschoolers are having while playing with this console. Even parents who weren’t so sure about their kids getting into gaming were won over by the educational games and interactive play.

LeapFrog LeapTV is a great idea for kinesthetic learners because it allows them to move their bodies as they learn. Many people with young children find that they cannot get them to sit still for long. That is because most small children are wired for movement and sound and LeapTV gives parents of these types of children the ability to encourage an active lifestyle and educate their kids all at once.

Some people wish there were more games but that is supposed to be changing soon as more games become available.

The Verdict

In general, LeapFrog LeapTV is a great investment in your child because it provides play as well as learning and is a great way to keep them occupied without using the TV as a “babysitter.” The various modes of play provide variety and the characters in the games are beloved which makes kids excited to play with them!

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