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LEGO 2012 City Advent Calendar 4428

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★☆

LEGO 2012 City Advent Calendar 4428

Advent calendars in various forms are a tried and true holiday tradition that helps children enjoy the building anticipation for what’s coming on Christmas morning.

December can seem like the slowest month of the year for kids as they wait and an advent calendar can help the time not only go faster but will make the wait pleasant for both kids and parents!

The LEGO 2012 City Advent Calendar 4428 is a fun and unique calendar that will capture any child’s attention and give them something to look forward to during the 24 days leading up to Christmas.

This year’s City Advent Calendar is centered on a theme that is new and interesting because it is unusual among other things. Santa’s sleigh has gotten stuck in the snow and the calendar tells the story of how the problem is resolved in order for the sleigh to be free for present delivery on Christmas Eve.

To make it even better, real heroes of the city come to Santa’s rescue. No mythical or fantasy creatures save the day – Firefighters do!

Every day in December leading up to Christmas day, there is a gift to open that fits the calendar theme. These may be LEGO mini-figures, firefighting equipment, and more. What a fun way to experience the ever-increasing anticipation for Christmas morning while also recognizing and honoring real-life heroes – firefighters!

Features of the LEGO City Advent Calendar 4428

    City Advent Calendar 4428

  • Santa mini-figure
  • 3 firefighter mini-figures
  • Mechanic mini-figure
  • Brother mini-figure
  • Sister mini-figure
  • Fire equipment racks
  • Fire hydrant
  • Chainsaw & wheelbarrow
  • Catapult for snow
  • Mini fire engine
  • Other small accessories

What We Like About LEGO 2012 City Advent Calendar 4428

LEGO City Advent CalendarThis is such a unique story line for an Advent calendar that it makes the fun of playing with it even more fun.

We really love the hero-focus of this LEGO as firefighters should be honored and lifted up as heroes in the eyes of our children more so than fantasy figures or other people in our culture who do little for making the world a better place. The idea that “everyday” heroes are a part of everyday life even during the holidays is a great theme for the calendar.

We also enjoy the fact that the set is designed well enough that it can continued to be played with year-round instead of designed as just a toy for the Christmas season. The LEGO pieces are universal to other LEGO sets and will fit anywhere. Even Santa can be a part of LEGO play throughout the year without seeming too out of place.

What Others Are Saying About LEOG City Advent Calendar 4428

LEGO City Advent CalendarSome of those who have purchased this LEGO kit are negative about the contents of the box being pictured on the outside of the box thus “spoiling” the surprise for the kids each day.

But on the flip side, we agree with others who found this feature to actually be a positive feature and extremely helpful in setting up the best advent calendar experience for our children.

It takes little thought to resolve the “problem” by putting the contents of the box in separate paper bags for each day and hiding the box away. It is definitely not an issue to be concerned with in your purchase decision. Many others have also expressed appreciation that LEGO chose to glorify real heroes – firefighters.

The Bottom Line

We happily recommend the LEGO 2012 City Advent Calendar 4428 as a way for any child to enjoy the seemingly unending wait for Christmas morning to arrive. And helping children focus on the giving and heroic nature of others instead of just focused on what presents they are hoping to get is always a good thing.

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