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LEGO City Advent Calendar 2824

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★★
LEGO City Advent Calendar 2824

It’s Christmas again and that means a new edition of LEGO City Advent Calendar. As always, This fun LEGO set let you build up the excitement of the first 24 days of December leading up to the Christmas day.

The building sets in LEGO City have a little window or door that you can open each day. And you get difference surprise gifts such as LEGO City minifigures, vehicles, or accesories.

This year’s LEGO City Advent Calendar comes with 271 pieces including 6 minifigures, a Christmas tree, fireplace, and Santa’s train set. It’s also loaded with holiday accessories, furniture, and cool vehicles. There are 24 Christmas themed gifts waiting to be unwrapped.

Of course the idea is to get this set before December 1st so this really wouldn’t be a “Christmas gift“, but it’s a great item to consider for the entire family. Everyone will be excited every morning to find what surprise gift they will be getting and look forward to the day of Christmas.

One thing to remember is the price of this set goes up substantially when it approaches December 1st. So be sure to get it early.

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