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LEGO City Advent Calendar 7553

LEGO City Advent Calendar 7553

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★½

Advent calendars are always used as way to get children anticipating the big Christmas day. They often come filled with chocolates or similar prizes as a way to get kids ready for the gift giving bash that they dream of all throughout December.

The LEGO City Advent Calendar took this time-tested favorite tradition of children around the world, and modernized it with a classic Lego twist.

Why LEGO City Advent Calendar

For parents who want to have a classic Christmas, the LEGO City Advent Calendar is a good way to kick off December. Some Advent calenders that are being sold don’t come with toys, and those are almost universally discarded by kids. You will need gifts in that calendar if you want to get your children engaged in this practice.

Children these days don’t get excited over chocolates, nor will they get overwhelmed with joy over wooden toys that old world Advent calendars often come with. Simply put, getting a LEGO City Advent Calendar is a good way to keep your children ready for Christmas without them getting bored of old school toys.

With 24 days of advent fun, your child will get a Lego-inspired gift every day of December, up to Christmas. The gifts vary greatly, which means that boys and girls who love LEGOs never will get bored of getting the same trinkets day after day.

What’s New With LEGO City Advent Calendar 7553?

Curious about what your child will receive in the Lego City Advent Calendar 7553 edition? We do have a couple of answers for parents who want to know more about the calendar’s goodies. This advent calendar comes with:

  • Six new LEGO character figures – 2 police men, 2 robbers, 1 fisher and 1 Santa Claus
  • 2 snow-inspired vehicles & a Christmas tree
  • A new police station and a police dog

More little knickknacks and goodies are included, including new LEGO blocks that make it a lot easier to assemble even bigger buildings. For LEGO fans, this is a must-have!

What We Like About The LEGO City Advent Calendar 7553?

Obviously, the kids who will enjoy this calendar the most are those who love getting LEGOs for their Christmas presents. An ideal way to build anticipation to a Christmas gift centered around these celebrated building blocks, the LEGO City Advent Calendar 7553 model is a perfect accompaniment to a LEGO holiday. Of course, it’s also a great December treat as a standalone gift.

For Age 5 to 12

The LEGO City Advent Calendar 7553 edition is one that comes with small parts that younger Lego fans might choke on if they try to chew on them. If you are a friend of the family, it’s best to stay within the manufacturer’s suggested age range in order to make sure that your purchase will be safe for the child’s age range. The creators at LEGO suggest this calendar for children who are anywhere from the age of 5 up to the age of 12 or 13.

The Bottom Line

Parents who want to make this a very special, very LEGO-oriented holiday season should definitely consider buying the LEGO City Advent Calendar 7553. It may seems a little bit more pricey than most advent calendars, but it’s a steal considering all the unique pieces your child will get when they open up the compartments.

On Amazon, it’s quite easy to find the LEGO City Advent Calendar 7553 on sale for a better price than in brick and mortar stores. Plus you get free shipping. Sine they have just about everything in stock, you can get all your Christmas shopping done in one place, saving you time & money. Just be sure to do it early before your favorite gifts are sold out.

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