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LEGO Creationary Game

Jeremy's Rating: ★★★★☆
LEGO Creationary Game

Do your kids love to build with LEGO toys? There is a new game that is going to be a great hit for them during this holiday season.

The LEGO Creationary Game is a brick building extravaganza using imagination and America’s favorite toy.

LEGO Creationary game combines the fun of building with skills similar to Pictionary in which a player rolls a dice with pictures corresponding to the stacks of cards; vehicles, buildings, nature or things. After drawing the card, they are told to create the object from LEGO bricks. Other players are trying to guess what object is being created at the same time.

This fun game is like having 3-D Pictionary game of LEGOs that will enable your family to bond by building with familiar bricks.

Key Features of Creationary Game

  • Two brand new LEGO bricks that have never been seen before
  • Number of players 3 to 8 (At least one player familiar with LEGO)
  • All ages can play (watch small toddlers who might stick LEGO’s in their mouth.
  • Other LEGO Bricks can be added to the ones already included for more enjoyment of the game.
The Good
  • Two Mini-LEGO figures, one child and adult
  • Challenges your mind and extends the realms of your imagination
  • Easy to play and understand
  • Includes multiple special pieces like fire
  • Flexible rules for different playing styles
  • Comes with 96 cards
The Bad
  • The sorting tray is low so pieces may shift between compartments when the box is carried.
  • Keeping pieces away from small children or animals that might swallow them.

Why We Like LEGO Creationary Game

Creationary Game LEGOThe rules of the game are easy to understand and if you have less than three players, you can limit the number of guesses the person who is trying to guess has before the other person tries to make something.

You could also impose a time limit or limit the items to a certain color; all of these ideas add interest and spice to the game.

LEGO Creationary would not only be a great Christmas gift for kids, but also a good choice for classrooms because it helps kids develop problem solving skills and fine motor skills while practicing their interpersonal relationships at the same time. This game is one of the most popular among kids who also enjoy LEGO products and games of both online and board kind.


With the Christmas season fast approaching and the need for fun educational toys and games that will have your kids interacting and mentally challenged, LEGO Creationary is one of the best games to buy for anyone who has ever played with these wonderful building bricks.

If you do decide to get LEGO Creationary, the only hard part will be to decide how many to purchase because this is one family game that will allow quality time together while stirring the imagination to a creative point. Kids and adults will enjoy playing this game for a long time.

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